Definition of translocate in US English:



[with object]technical
  • 1Move from one place to another.

    ‘translocating rhinos to other reserves’
    no object ‘the cell bodies translocate into the other side of the brain’
    • ‘But studies carried out in recent years have highlighted a range of problems faced by translocated monkeys.’
    • ‘The up to 50 birds to be translocated will be sourced from Codfish Island and a number of captive holding sites, and will be fully health screened prior to departure.’
    • ‘There have been cases of young translocated elephants goring rhino and attacking cars.’
    • ‘Breeding of the deer is so successful that every fortnight at least 15 to 20 of them are translocated to the Srisailam and other forests.’
    • ‘Whenever the Department of Conservation translocates birds and other species, whenever it opens a new facility, there are karakia from tohunga and ministers.’
    migrant, migrating, translocating, relocating, moving, travelling
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    1. 1.1Biochemistry Physiology Transport (a dissolved substance) within an organism, especially in the phloem of a plant, or actively across a cell membrane.
      • ‘The peptide penetratin has recently been shown to translocate across neural cell membranes without damaging them, even when coupled to drugs.’
      • ‘The composition of this membrane is not known and nor is there any information about the mechanism by which proteins are translocated across this additional membrane.’
      • ‘Membrane proteins are translocated by an SRP-dependent or spontaneous pathway.’
      • ‘Of special interest are those ions that serve as catalytic substrates of membrane enzymes but are not translocated through the membrane.’
      • ‘During the first phase, the proteins are translocated within the first 10 minutes of stress which is accompanied by cortical reinforcement.’
    2. 1.2Genetics Move (a portion of a chromosome) to a new position on the same or another chromosome.
      • ‘Their ancestral array could have existed on the autosomes of the progenitor of the A. gambiae complex, from which some repeats were translocated onto the Y chromosome.’
      • ‘To allow for the next round of transcription initiation RNA polymerase has to translocate about 60 base pairs.’
      • ‘Moreover, the susceptibility to high recombination is preserved even if the specific region is translocated to a new chromosomal position.’
      • ‘Genes that may have translocated as a block are marked with a thick horizontal line’
      • ‘These chromosome pieces contain the same genes involved in the original translocation and they can translocate to the other chromosome producing the same fusion gene.’
      • ‘Studies of genes translocated to heterochromatin have provided insight into the factors that control chromatin states.’