Definition of transitional in English:



  • 1Relating to or characteristic of a process or period of transition.

    ‘a transitional government was appointed’
    • ‘They are going through a transitional period but the kids are gaining invaluable experience.’
    • ‘This is a transitional period and fingers crossed the new services will be available in April at the earliest.’
    • ‘Stage one saw the removal of most of the hereditary peers, leaving 92, who were to remain during a transitional period.’
    • ‘One of these matters was mentioned in the preceding section in connection with Wittgenstein's transitional period.’
    • ‘At a wider level, it suggested the security and stability of Britain at this transitional period in its history.’
    • ‘After the transitional period, all issuers must file full interim and annual certificates.’
    • ‘The scheme will involve a transitional period of management leading to the purchase of the respective company.’
    • ‘The Government has put up cash for a two-year transitional period which will be overseen by the Forestry Commission.’
    • ‘The major output of that transitional period, it seems, was this fascinating book.’
    • ‘The transitional period has been successively extended and is still in force today.’
    • ‘Are we living in a transitional period leading to that nightmare?’
    • ‘Neither the Directive nor the Agreement provided for a transitional period or phased implementation.’
    • ‘It will not be in charge of its own affairs until it has passed through a transitional period, one which is still continuing.’
    • ‘The transitional period, as one regime merges awkwardly into another, has not been without its impact on the players.’
    • ‘The months of October and March are transitional periods and are known as autumn and spring, respectively.’
    • ‘A prison service spokesperson said some staff would be kept on at the prison over the transitional period.’
    • ‘The camerlengo supervises the administration of the Holy See during the transitional period.’
    • ‘The time of life which was the focus of most attention was the transitional period, which might extend from the onset of puberty to the late twenties.’
    • ‘For some it has been really important in getting through in getting through difficult transitional periods.’
    • ‘A year into the job and still stuck in what he terms a transitional period, he is hamstrung by the need to offload several players before he can add to the squad.’
    intermediate, middle, midway, intervening, interposed
    interim, temporary, provisional, pro tem, stopgap, short-term, fill-in, make-do, acting, conditional, caretaker, working, contingent, makeshift
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    1. 1.1Architecture Of or denoting the last stage of Romanesque style, in which Gothic elements begin to appear.
      • ‘The new cathedral incorporated the transitional Gothic facade and the south tower, both survivors of the fire.’
      • ‘On top of the hill four sharp spires rise from the Transitional Gothic cathedral.’
      • ‘The Gothic stylistic elements that mark it as a transitional structure can best be seen in the chancel and the ambulatory with its famous stained-glass windows.’