Definition of transition temperature in US English:

transition temperature


  • The temperature at which a substance acquires or loses some distinctive property, in particular superconductivity.

    • ‘Moreover, its transition temperature and mechanical properties can be affected by oxygen, carbon, nitrogen, and other common contaminants.’
    • ‘These interconversions are reversible and occur at a fixed transition temperature analogous to the melting and freezing points which separate the solid and liquid states.’
    • ‘In the paper cited above, it was shown that all lipids that facilitate fusion decrease the transition temperature, whereas fusion inhibitors increase the transition temperature.’
    • ‘National Laboratory explain the superconductor's exceptionally high transition temperature of 39 kelvins, as well as other puzzling properties of the material.’
    • ‘Stripe order can coexist with superconductivity, but it tends to be associated with a drop in the superconducting transition temperature.’