Definition of transition point in US English:

transition point


  • The set of conditions of temperature and pressure at which different phases of the same substance can be in equilibrium.

    • ‘Wet electrons, which occur on metal oxide surfaces, represent a transition point for electrons between solid and liquid states of matter.’
    • ‘Mg 2 SiO 4 melt exhibits a very rapid rise of viscosity near the glass transition point (T g), which means it is a very ‘fragile’ liquid.’
    • ‘For both samples the DSC shows a sharp peak at the main transition point at 41.4°C and an obvious pretransition range at 34-36°C.’
    • ‘Graphite behaves like a two-dimensional metal because there is a transition point between its valence band and conductance band known as the Fermi point.’
    • ‘Polymers have a glass transition point, a temperature below which their molecular chains are unable to move around each other freely.’