Definition of transillumination in US English:



  • See transilluminate

    • ‘When evaluating a suspected pneumothorax, auscultation and transillumination of the chest should be performed.’
    • ‘The artery should be easily palpable or visible with transillumination.’
    • ‘Following electrophoresis, the gels were examined under UV light transillumination.’
    • ‘The room should be one that can be absolutely darkened so that adequate transilluminations can be done.’
    • ‘By combining transillumination and photochemical vessel wall injury, it has become possible to link the degree of vessel wall injury with the intensity of thrombosis.’
    • ‘The entire procedure is performed under direct visualization by using transillumination so the surgeon visually can confirm when the vessels are removed completely.’
    • ‘Many of these crystals are doubly terminated and are translucent when viewed under strong transillumination.’