Definition of transience in US English:


(also transiency)


  • The state or fact of lasting only for a short time; transitory nature.

    ‘the transience of life and happiness’
    • ‘What is especially interesting is the resonance with today, especially the comparison between the permanence of the civil service and the transience of almost anything else.’
    • ‘Getting anywhere in this country takes times, but Mali shows not only the transience of empires, it shows you can make wonderful things, even of mud.’
    • ‘It speaks to the way life comes and goes, with its beauties and tragedies, through its balletic recording of transience and impermanence.’
    • ‘In that moment, I could have been the only person in the world, and although I was aware of its transience, I appreciated it like a bubble, with its fragility only enhancing its beauty.’
    • ‘Ultimately, it's an exquisite meditation on the transience of life and the sustaining illusions of permanence, including, most destructively of all, love.’
    temporariness, transitoriness, impermanence, brevity, briefness, shortness, ephemerality, short-livedness, momentariness, mutability, instability, volatility
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