Definition of transfinite in US English:



  • 1Mathematics
    Relating to or denoting a number corresponding to an infinite set in the way that a natural number denotes or counts members of a finite set.

    • ‘In 1902 Zermelo published his first work on set theory which was on the addition of transfinite cardinals.’
    • ‘In 1905 Bernstein published an important article on transfinite ordinal numbers.’
    • ‘He denoted the number of natural numbers by the transfinite number (pronounced aleph-nought or aleph-null).’
    • ‘The book shows how this notion can be used to form various kinds of infinities such as the projective plane, transfinite numbers, and infinitesimals.’
    • ‘The major achievement of the Grundlagen was its presentation of the transfinite numbers as an autonomous and systematic extension of the natural numbers.’
  • 2Beyond or surpassing the finite.

    • ‘It's perfectly simple, I go in, perform the ritual, bask in the transfinite mysteries of the unknowable heatless void, and then we leave.’