Definition of transferase in US English:



  • An enzyme that catalyzes the transfer of a particular group from one molecule to another.

    • ‘Kinases are specialized transferases that regulate metabolism by transferring phosphate from ATP to other molecules.’
    • ‘With the unravelling of the human genome, researchers are already learning more about the structures of the key transferase enzymes involved in glycoprotein synthesis.’
    • ‘Whey contains many types of enzymes, including hydrolases, transferases, lyases, proteases, and lipases.’
    • ‘Late-expressed genes are, as expected, of more diverse functions and include various metabolic and structural genes, including synthases, transferases, collagen, and proteases.’
    • ‘Enzyme activity was determined by the transferase assay in crude leaf extracts.’
    • ‘Both biosynthetic and transferase enzyme activities of GS are affected in the mutants.’
    • ‘The other affects multiple tissues and manifests symptoms similar to the transferase deficiency.’