Definition of transcendentally in US English:



  • See transcendental

    • ‘I remained almost transcendentally calm, Christ-like in my turning of the other cheek and Gandhi-like in my restraint from smacking him in the mouth.’
    • ‘How can your current beliefs be so transcendentally correct if you yourself recently believed something very different?’
    • ‘It is a feature that provides a transcendentally beautiful aspect to the show.’
    • ‘Very often, these images are transcendentally brilliant, particularly those shot in crystalline black and white.’
    • ‘However, this movie lacks the touch of genius that turns a mere thriller into a transcendentally surreal film.’
    • ‘In short, what it was like to be transcendentally fatalist in a time when conventional, run-of-the-mill fatalism wasn't enough.’