Definition of transaction in English:



  • 1An instance of buying or selling something; a business deal.

    ‘in an ordinary commercial transaction a delivery date is essential’
    • ‘However, every regular payment product currently has a transaction fee of £3.’
    • ‘The current overdraft rate of 13.5 % APR applies as well as the normal ATM transaction fee.’
    • ‘The elimination of currency transaction costs only arises where two or more countries use a single currency.’
    • ‘Failure to meet these requirements could result in the loan being deemed a taxable transaction.’
    • ‘The figures show a similar trend to those for the whole of the UK, with more buy transactions than sell transactions over the course of last year.’
    • ‘Whereas equities and bonds are easy to buy and sell, property transactions are more complicated, more costly and consequently less frequent.’
    • ‘The application of the rule creates considerable practical difficulties in commercial property transactions.’
    • ‘Even electronic transactions take up to three days to process!’
    • ‘In Britain, one fraudulent credit card transaction takes place every eight seconds.’
    • ‘Likewise, the author of a psychiatry self-help book and his customers are engaging in a commercial transaction.’
    • ‘I was fortunate to witness several great items that were sold in private transactions.’
    • ‘Property rights in slaves and their labor can be bought and sold via market transactions.’
    • ‘We looked at the numbers and saw that the transaction costs in a public social-security programme are much lower than in a private one.’
    • ‘The majority of financial transactions are conducted either by cheques or electronically.’
    • ‘In the past, credit card transactions were generally completed within a 120-day cycle.’
    • ‘Online electronic financial transactions have the potential to save thousands.’
    • ‘Who wants to go offline to complete an online payment transaction, anyway?’
    • ‘Taking all the factors into consideration, there was not a commercial transaction conducted at arms length.’
    • ‘The system handles 100,000 transactions involving more than $500 million each day.’
    • ‘Ecommerce represents buying and selling transactions using the Internet.’
    deal, business, agreement, undertaking, affair, arrangement, bargain, negotiation, treaty, contract, pact, compact, bond, settlement
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    1. 1.1 The action of conducting business.
      • ‘A short business session was held for the transaction of routine matters.’
      • ‘However, clients are advised to seek counsel before continuing the transaction of intellectual property matters in the country.’
      • ‘The transaction of public affairs was impeded by repeated efforts to usurp pairing the security of property in slaves, and reducing those States which held slaves to a condition of inferiority.’
      • ‘The Council shall adopt rules and procedures for the conduct and transaction of its business at its meetings.’
      negotiation, conduct, conducting, carrying out, performance, execution, enactment, management, handling, organization, prosecution, working out, thrashing out, hammering out, administration, operation
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    2. 1.2 An exchange or interaction between people.
      ‘intellectual transactions in the classroom’
      • ‘What about your average expat and the ordinary transactions that concern their day-to-day lives?’
      • ‘The transaction becomes an enjoyable conversation.’
      • ‘In our normal transactions and interactions with others, our ego seems to play a major role in determining how we treat them.’
      • ‘Arrangements are defined to include transactions, agreements, understandings, promises or undertakings.’
      • ‘Familiarity gave a personal tone to the gathering, which smoothed the transaction of ideas and discussions.’
      • ‘To get to the bottom of the issue, we should note that economics is little more than the study of human interactions or transactions.’
      • ‘E-mail transactions cost bandwidth, which has to be upgraded for traffic, including spam traffic.’
      • ‘Cultural, religious and intellectual transactions were in Sanskrit.’
    3. 1.3transactions Published reports of proceedings at the meetings of a learned society.
      • ‘In 1938, Mott and Littleton published a seminal paper in Transactions of the Faraday Society on the calculation of defect energies in NaCl.’
      • ‘The Western Section of The Wildlife Society is pleased to announce the online availability of all papers published in the ‘Transactions of the Western Section of The Wildlife Society’.’
      • ‘It was published in the Transactions of the New Zealand Institute (1896) and contains a description of a time-apparatus capable of measuring time intervals of a hundred-thousandth of a second.’
      • ‘These transactions are available for online access (papers are placed on the web once they are accepted), and also released as hardcopy once per year.’
      proceedings, affairs, concerns, dealings, matters, activities
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    4. 1.4 An input message to a computer system that must be dealt with as a single unit of work.
      • ‘All of these are machines that involve data input that results in a transaction, just like a voting machine.’
      • ‘You can use the QIF importer to import those transactions automatically into the system.’
      • ‘The error caused the bank's core account transaction processing software to issue error messages.’
      • ‘This bridge concept is being expanded to handle database transactions.’
      • ‘Database and transaction processing systems are often implemented on RAID systems.’
      • ‘The standard relational database offers transaction processing and XML to relate tables to each other.’
      • ‘For example, it handles transaction processing for financial services and telecom companies.’
      • ‘The legacy transaction processing systems may not yet be adequate for those purposes.’
      • ‘Arbitration parking apparatus and method for a split transaction bus in a multiprocessor computer system’
      • ‘Most of the back-end transaction processing takes place on IBM mainframes.’
      • ‘From time to time, people ask for a version of the transaction API exported to user space.’
      • ‘As you can tell, the software maker claims to give customers a deeper look into all the data flowing through various databases and transaction systems.’
      • ‘With XML, you can send a transaction from one system to another without using a translator.’
      • ‘This embedded system is a complete computer for performing I / O transactions.’
      • ‘For example, error signaling transactions have a higher priority than data backup transactions.’


Late Middle English (as a term in Roman Law): from late Latin transactio(n-), from transigere ‘drive through’ (see transact).