Definition of tranquility in US English:


(British tranquillity)


  • The quality or state of being tranquil; calm.

    ‘passing cars are the only noise that disturbs the tranquility of rural life’
    • ‘All the tranquillity he ever knew he enjoyed in his old age.’
    • ‘Renowned as a haven of peace and tranquillity, its mystique is increased by its exclusivity, high prices and celebrity clientele.’
    • ‘For women, this is often simply the continuation of home life and domestic tranquility that made up most of their lives.’
    • ‘However, his mood soon swings again when talk reverts to Rangers and the absolute tranquility of his life at present.’
    • ‘Whereas peace came to both Schmeling and Cooney, Frazier is still looking for tranquility.’
    • ‘The average person doesn't spend even 30 minutes a month in total silence and tranquility.’
    • ‘He said the extra volume of traffic would play havoc with the rural tranquillity of the area.’
    • ‘The main reason people come to visit the countryside is because of its beauty and tranquillity.’
    • ‘As you concentrate on the motions of your body, you develop a feeling of peace and tranquility.’
    • ‘The moment you step off the boat, plane or helicopter, you are struck by the friendliness and tranquillity of the place.’
    • ‘A reborn oasis of calm and tranquillity is springing up amid the hustle and bustle of Manchester.’
    • ‘Domestic tranquillity interested her much more than converting the unfaithful.’
    • ‘And so back to the cool tranquillity of the office with a sandwich that seems oddly less appetising than during its purchase 10 minutes earlier.’
    • ‘Needing time to recover, he sought out the tranquillity of his cousin's dairy farm in upstate New York.’
    • ‘Even the breakup of the McClure's staff in 1906, which her diary reveals to have all but destroyed her, is recollected in tranquility.’
    • ‘Half a glass into the bottle, I began to quite enjoy the privacy we enjoyed, and we leisurely perused the comprehensive menu in tranquillity.’
    • ‘Inside St Giles Church, all is cool tranquillity.’
    • ‘People have long fled to the mountains in search of fresh air and tranquility.’
    • ‘The scene's silence and tranquillity gave the impression that you were suspended in space, looking down on the earth.’
    • ‘Her tranquility in mortal crisis was the starkest kind of contrast with her life, a life marred by needless psychological pain, no rest, no peace of mind.’
    peace, peacefulness, restfulness, repose, reposefulness, calm, calmness, quiet, quietness, quietude, silence, hush, noiselessness, stillness, serenity, sedateness, placidity, mildness
    calm, calmness, placidity, composure, coolness, cool-headedness, serenity, contentment, content, even-temperedness, self-possession, control, equanimity, unexcitability, unflappability, imperturbability, restraint, self-restraint, stoicism, sobriety, untroubledness
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