Definition of tramontane in US English:



  • 1Traveling to, situated on, or living on the other side of mountains.

    1. 1.1archaic (especially from the Italian point of view) foreign; barbarous.


  • 1

    another term for tramontana
    • ‘In France, 2,741 acres of woodland near Perpignan were reduced to ashes in a blaze fanned by a tramontane wind gusting up to 80 mph.’
    • ‘The weather is fine over the entire Mediterranean coast, but the tramontane is blowing over the coast of Languedoc.’
    • ‘Wind is common throughout the growing season, with the tramontane bringing cool air from the mountains.’
  • 2archaic A person who lives on the other side of mountains (used especially by Italians to refer to people beyond the Alps).

    • ‘As the tramontanes infiltrate the Appalachians, they often remark of the beauty of the far ranges and mists.’


Middle English (as a noun denoting the Pole Star): from Italian tramontana ‘Pole Star, north wind’, tramontani ‘people living beyond the Alps’, from Latin transmontanus ‘beyond the mountains’, from trans- ‘across’ + mons, mont- ‘mountain’.