Definition of training shoe in US English:

training shoe


  • A soft shoe designed to be used for athletic training.

    • ‘There's also about nine thousand pages of pictures of training shoes.’
    • ‘His subtly voguish attire completes the picture: black jeans, a garishly-patterned red shirt, a pair of 1950s-esque sunglasses, and noticeably upmarket training shoes.’
    • ‘He said he would have to borrow a fellow inmate's training shoes for a court appearance.’
    • ‘He was clean shaven, tanned and wore cream coloured jeans, a white t-shirt and beige training shoes.’
    • ‘One of the pair was wearing distinctive black and yellow Adidas training shoes, and the other was also wearing trainers.’
    • ‘He had a thin face with a long thin nose, stubble and was wearing an ill-fitting blue tracksuit with white stripes and dirty white training shoes.’
    • ‘I again looked into the bin and could see further red material with writing and three small, white training shoes.’
    • ‘I can turn a blind eye to jeans and even to men not wearing a jacket, but we can't have training shoes here.’
    • ‘It was here he was tied up and assaulted, and his vehicle, containing a quantity of training shoes was stolen.’
    • ‘The second man was 5ft 10 in tall, of slim build, with short, dark scruffy hair, wearing a sky blue linen jacket, and dark top, dark coloured jeans and training shoes.’
    • ‘The victim, who is in her early 20s, was wearing distinctive clothing - teddy bear pyjama bottoms, a black T-shirt and training shoes.’
    • ‘She was wearing dark green trousers with a white letter A printed on the right side. She was also wearing white training shoes with pink piping.’
    • ‘Please note that only runners or training shoes with non-marking soles should be worn.’
    • ‘He was wearing a dark, hooded top, black, baggy training trousers and was wearing brown training shoes or boots.’
    • ‘When he disappeared he was wearing a blue Adidas T-shirt, blue tracksuit bottoms, and grey coloured training shoes.’
    • ‘When last seen, he was wearing black tracksuit bottoms, a brown/grey jumper and white training shoes.’
    • ‘I could see further red material with similar writing and three small white training shoes.’
    • ‘All that's needed are a playing kit (shirt, socks, shorts); football boots; training shoes; a waterproof top and a packed lunch.’
    • ‘She only took time to change her shoes before returning to the track for the 5,000m - electing to run in her training shoes.’
    • ‘One teenage joyrider was tracked down after the impression of his training shoe was found on a car pedal.’


training shoe

/ˈtrāniNG SHo͞o//ˈtreɪnɪŋ ʃu/