Definition of training ship in US English:

training ship


  • A ship on which people are taught sailing and related skills.

    • ‘More than 50 British warships, survey vessels, training ships and auxiliaries will be joined by more than 120 foreign warships, merchantmen and tall ships in a review formation at Spithead.’
    • ‘They were followed by more than 100 Australian Naval Cadets representing all training ships in Sydney and the Central Coast.’
    • ‘Also in port during Portland's stay will be sail training ship TS Pelican, recently converted from a French-built Arctic trawler and which is reportedly the fastest sail training ship afloat.’
    • ‘Bangladesh also has four of the 12-strong River-class minesweepers - seven are with Brazil and the final one remains in Britain as a training ship.’
    • ‘Those that do, permit them to serve in supply or training ships only.’
    • ‘In 1963 she was commissioned into the navy as a sail training ship and her first voyage took place on June 19th of the same year.’
    • ‘She served as a training ship and oceanographic research ship until her final decommissioning in the early '80s.’
    • ‘Two of the Navy personnel suffered minor injuries when the Sea King helicopter rotor blades are believed to have touched the superstructure of the aviation training ship RFA Argus.’
    • ‘Former HM ships Shetland, Alderney and Anglesey are part of the Bangladeshi patrol force, while the former HMS Jersey is a training ship.’
    • ‘The ship was met by a warm welcome from the Brazilian Navy, being berthed in a prominent position astern of the sail training ship Cisne Branco.’
    • ‘Anyone passing Kirkwall pier this morning would have seen two sailing ships docked - the Norwegian training ship Statsraad Lemkuhl and the Sea Cloud II.’
    • ‘It is hoped a full-size replica of the boat can be built, possibly at Dunstan's Shipyard in Hessle, near Hull, where the sail training ship Sir Winston Churchill was built in 1966.’
    • ‘As a proof of this urge, nearly 30 navies in the world currently operate sail training ships.’
    • ‘The cadets and professional sailors on-board the four-masted barquentine, a training ship owned by the Japanese government, scrubbed the vessel down for public tours this week.’
    • ‘The Marine Society bought the older Echo in 1985 and refitted her to act as a training ship.’
    • ‘The presentation took place at the training ship's annual parade and assessment before a large crowd of family members, naval officers, councillors and teachers who applauded the proceedings.’
    • ‘The replica 18th century Royal Navy frigate was originally the HMS Rose, a sail training ship out of Connecticut before 20th Century Fox acquired it for the movie.’
    • ‘New Zealand purchased its first naval ship in 1906 for £800; a sail training ship called Amokura.’
    • ‘The former was renamed Implacable and ended up as a training ship before being sunk off Portsmouth in 1949, a decision which many RN personnel thought lamentable.’
    • ‘Meanwhile the cadet training ship Hawkesbury had been founded with a depot built on the western shore of the Brisbane Water.’


training ship

/ˈtrāniNG ˌSHip/