Definition of train set in US English:

train set


  • 1A set of trains, tracks, and other things making up a child's model railroad.

    • ‘My position on Christmas could not have been clearer: I wanted a blue model train set with the red trolley attachment.’
    • ‘A model train set with 50 pieces of track used to deliver bonus cheques to executives around the building.’
    • ‘A miniature garden, like a snow globe, model train set, or fish tank, is complete; nothing is missing, and nothing can be taken away.’
    • ‘I was very keen on trains and I took the engine of my train set to school and gave a morning talk about it.’
    • ‘Somebody once said to me that I didn't need a model train set because I came into work every day and had a real one.’
    • ‘It was Orson Welles who once claimed being a film director was like being given ownership of the biggest toy train set a boy could ever want.’
    • ‘Everyone is listening to Hope's dad talk about the train set he's building in the family room.’
    • ‘I asked for a bike, an electric train set, some roller skates and some footy gear.’
    • ‘Another series was taken via a camera attached to a kite; the resulting pictures make the landscape look like model train sets.’
    • ‘Small STOP and GO signs can be placed in the sandpit and added to train sets and toy car collections.’
    • ‘A quiet, introverted child, he loved playing with a toy train set, but much preferred spending hours watching the real things at 179th Street.’
    • ‘She smiled when mothers walked out with their children hand in hand and watched some that had their children who excitedly turned to a window display of toys, clothes or train sets.’
    • ‘An exciting hour of trucks, stuffed toys, train sets, and crayons.’
    • ‘Age-appropriate present options include soft teddy bears, bricks and blocks and first train sets.’
    • ‘Forget the traditional doll's house and train set - all youngsters want for Christmas this year is an MP3 player or haute couture.’
    • ‘But this was no display of jewels - although the owners taking part in one of the region's biggest model railway exhibitions at the weekend swore their train sets were worth their weight in gold.’
    • ‘Houses and mosques lie deep down below, and from the crater's edge they look like tiny toys or models on a child's train set.’
    • ‘I never had an electric train set when I was a child and only went trainspotting once.’
    • ‘They are like pieces in a model train set, the only variable being my timekeeping.’
  • 2A set of railroad cars, often with a locomotive, coupled together for a particular service.

    • ‘In fifty years time there are likely to be even fewer Aucklanders than there are today - especially if we waste two billion dollars building train sets, instead of finishing the road network.’
    • ‘Miniature coal-fired power stations, a car that runs on electricity, a lawnmower, mini hot-air balloons and homemade train sets were all entered into the competition.’
    • ‘The train set, like all TGV and other high speed trains, was articulated with all electric power cars at each end.’


train set

/ˈtrān ˌset//ˈtreɪn ˌsɛt/