Definition of trail bike in English:

trail bike


  • A light motorcycle for use on rough terrain.

    • ‘It was easy to spot you around the town on your Suzuki trail bike, the Yellow Peril.’
    • ‘Police believe the offenders arrived at the complex with trail bike tracks, after tracks were found throughout the grounds.’
    • ‘Officers using dogs ran in, as well as officers on four-wheel drive motorbikes and trail bikes.’
    • ‘‘According to the Government's own research Yorkshire is one of the most popular destinations for off-road vehicles - trail bikes and 4x4s,’ she said.’
    • ‘Opponents of the use of green lanes by four-wheel-drive vehicles and trail bike riders have called a meeting to organise a campaign to have them banned from unclassified county roads in the Dales.’
    • ‘Being a bank holiday weekend, these trail bike riders have been back three or four times a day.’
    • ‘Alternatively go for the ultimate and travel with a puncture repair kit and a credit card, buying whatever you need along the way, including a tourer if you started with a trail bike.’
    • ‘Illegal off-road driving by 4x4 enthusiasts and trail bike riders is being targeted by police and National Park rangers.’
    • ‘Off-road vehicles are to be barred from four green lanes in the Yorkshire Dales for a trial period despite strong objections from drivers and trail bike riders.’
    • ‘The long trail bike seat has also been changed for a new shorter seat unit.’
    • ‘The kids are about 16 or 17 years old and have trail bikes and motorcross bikes.’
    • ‘I think with a set of tubeless rims and tyres this bike would be in the same weight-range as a short-travel full suspension trail bike, and that's a hell of an advantage to be had for any racer.’
    • ‘A number of joint patrols have also resulted in trail bike riders being stopped and warned about their activities.’
    • ‘At this stage we're looking for two people who were riding trail bikes in that area with one other vehicle.’
    • ‘This young man rode a trail bike on to the grounds of Parliament - to protest, he says, about the Government's soft law and order policies and its total lack of concern for the victims of crime.’
    • ‘‘We've had a good tie-in with our ads for family off-road riding and smaller trail bikes as a way to attract families to our motorcycles,’ he said.’
    • ‘Anyone with a registered bike - even scooter, trail bike or moped - is welcome to join in the ride regardless of the type, size, colour, make, age or style of bike.’
    • ‘The animal was then dragged behind the back of a trail bike as it sped round and round the soldier's accommodation block.’
    • ‘James produced a sketch drawing of his own designs for the skate park - which would involve a mixture of equipment to be used by trail bike riders, skateboarders and in-line skaters.’
    • ‘The new law bans all recreational vehicles, including trail bikes and 4x4s, from all rights of way not already recorded on the definitive map as ‘byway open to all traffic’.’


trail bike

/ˈtreɪl ˌbaɪk//ˈtrāl ˌbīk/