Definition of tragopan in English:



  • An Asian pheasant of highland forests, the male of which has brightly colored plumage used in courtship.

    • ‘We felt the tragopans slipping inexorably away into the darkening forest.’
    • ‘Again, I could not have a good look, since the tragopans were very shy and flushed quickly.’
    • ‘Although they are now rare in the wild, Temminck's tragopans breed very well in captivity.’
    • ‘Earlier Jammu and Kashmir had the western tragopan as its State bird.’
    • ‘The tragopans are horned pheasants with short bills and tail feathers that are shorter than wing length.’
    • ‘I did, however, see a small monkey with enormous military moustaches, a satyr tragopan (answers on a postcard), and a pair of red river hogs - each of which were fairly exciting in their own way.’
    • ‘Pheasants are generally thought to be comprised of three subfamilies: Tragopaninae (tragopans), Argusianinae, and Phasianinae.’
    • ‘Many of this species in captivity have been hybridised with the Satyr tragopan, since the females look so similar.’
    • ‘This has always been a good forest for tragopans probably due to its distance from any major settlement.’
    • ‘The extensive white spotting helps to separate female tragopans from those of other pheasants, and the elongated white central spot on each feather is bordered with black.’


Modern Latin, from Greek, the name of a horned bird, from tragos ‘goat’ + the name Pan (see Pan).