Definition of traffic sign in US English:

traffic sign


  • A sign conveying information, an instruction, or a warning to drivers.

    • ‘So why does York's wonderful electric traffic sign still insist there are 80 car park spaces available at the long-closed site?’
    • ‘On one occasion the traffic sign is incorporated into the image itself.’
    • ‘Remove all boards except traffic signs from the roadside.’
    • ‘Neighbours have tied floral tributes around a traffic sign near the scene of the accident.’
    • ‘The mansion is mock-baronial, complete with zoo and waterfall, grotto and shady cypresses, cinema and hot tubs and a traffic sign on the driveway that reads ‘Playmates at Play’.’
    • ‘With the other hand, she tapped a yellow sign made in the shape of a yield to traffic sign.’
    • ‘An irrelevant sight (such as a dog jumping behind a fence) may distract them so they fail to notice important cues, such as brake lights or traffic signs.’
    • ‘For example, a traffic sign may indicate ‘no right turn’.’
    • ‘The traffic sign forbidding the new car drivers are placed at the entrance of the elevated highways.’
    • ‘The Commissioner of Main Roads may erect, establish or display, and may alter or take down any traffic sign or traffic-control signal.’
    • ‘A traffic sign, on the street, does not have multiple meanings.’
    • ‘In countries or regions were two or more languages are used, the typical traffic sign is very often a pictogram with no writing on it.’
    • ‘I have spoken to the traffic department and they are going to renew and replace the traffic signs warning drivers of the bend as well as putting anti-skid patches on the road.’
    • ‘Next, we saw a traffic sign reading, ‘Slough Trading Estate,’ Slough being a small city 20 kilometres west of London.’
    • ‘I don't want to read every single pamphlet, instruction card or traffic sign in ten different languages.’
    • ‘It was thought the standstill had been caused by a traffic sign that had fallen over further along the northbound carriageway.’
    • ‘Perhaps if drivers complied with the traffic signs there would have been no need to close Netherlands Avenue but now the road is closed there can be no excuse.’
    • ‘The offences of failure to comply with a traffic sign or a temporary road prohibition carries penalty points and a fine.’
    • ‘Rather, it would have ended up with traffic sign boards and writings of road safety measures on the highways.’
    • ‘Mr. Brown argued that the ticket should be waived because the offending traffic sign was not bilingual (though the offender did not speak French either).’
    notice, signpost, signboard, warning sign, road sign
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