Definition of traffic island in US English:

traffic island


  • A small raised area in the middle of a road which provides a safe place for pedestrians to stand and marks a division between two opposing streams of traffic.

    • ‘Just lots of people and lots of police, all trapped together in the middle of a glorified traffic island.’
    • ‘The crowd outside the Town Hall was so large that people stood on the traffic island and across the road outside the shops.’
    • ‘She didn't seem to have noticed the man standing on the traffic island directly across from her.’
    • ‘As the cavalcade moved along the Inner Ring Road towards the junction, Arun took a right turn around the traffic island.’
    • ‘What we are looking at is either traffic lights or possibly a roundabout, because a traffic island and refuge would only benefit car users and not public transport.’
    • ‘Changes in Victoria Avenue, Harrogate, will allow cyclists travelling west to cut through the traffic island at its junction with Station Parade and continue along Victoria Avenue.’
    • ‘Before I could say anything, he indicated a stairway right in front of my eyes that looked like it was leading to a hole in the ground in the middle of a traffic island.’
    • ‘Whilst standing on a traffic island waiting to cross the exit from a roundabout, one car entered the roundabout in the wrong lane, and swung off at the first exit.’
    • ‘It has to make a distinction between the car in front stopping and a traffic island or a cyclist on the road ahead, and then decide what to do about it.’
    • ‘Just before we are crushed, he swings into a tiny hotel set down point, before swinging back across the road, over the traffic island and back into the correct lane.’
    • ‘This money was never used for that purpose, instead a traffic island and double yellow lines were put in by the council.’
    • ‘Be that as it may, standing on a traffic island watching four-wheelers and two-wheelers hurtle past, one does get the impression of standing in the eye of a strange kind of cyclone.’
    • ‘The house on which the words were originally written has been demolished for road widening, but the gable wall bearing the graffiti stands preserved on a traffic island.’
    • ‘There's a raised cobbled strip down the centre of the road that most pedestrians use as an elongated traffic island, but I took this path to complete my journey.’
    • ‘A traffic island and refuge in the centre of the road is one solution which commanded significant support at the meeting.’
    • ‘The women stood on the traffic island holding banners and posters against communalism and violence while the children recited poems highlighting the need for love and humaneness.’
    • ‘Taipei City Government officials also yesterday re-examined a traffic island on Chunghwa Road, where about 16 anthills built by the dangerous pest were found Monday.’
    • ‘What is envisaged is twofold; traffic calming measures to warn motorists to slow down and a traffic island to enable pedestrians to cross the road safely.’
    • ‘All his belongings surrounded him on the triangular traffic island at the junction: bits of cloth, a worn blanket or two, a plastic bag or three, a plastic bottle.’
    • ‘I live in Thornhill Road, Surbiton, with a traffic island at the front of my house.’
    • ‘He had sped through red traffic lights, hit a traffic island and travelled on the wrong side of the road, before later abandoning the car.’


traffic island

/ˈtrafik ˈīlənd//ˈtræfɪk ˈaɪlənd/