Definition of traditionally in US English:



  • 1As part of a long-established custom, practice, or belief; typically.

    ‘behavior that is traditionally associated with adolescence’
    ‘a female in a traditionally male profession’
    ‘a nation traditionally hostile to taxation’
    • ‘The kitchen traditionally has been regarded as the heart of the home.’
    • ‘I begin very traditionally, by sketching a design on paper.’
    • ‘Ice cream and novelties were traditionally summer treats but now appeal all year round.’
    • ‘My daughter's rural school traditionally encourages students of different ages to share activities.’
    • ‘Employee recruitment and training is traditionally left to the human resources department.’
    • ‘Traditionally, chocolate has been considered a luxury here.’
    • ‘Traditionally, sustainable design has been important to the firm.’
    • ‘College courses have traditionally been taught utilizing the lecture method.’
    • ‘Traditionally, producers begin cultivating the land to prepare for planting in the early spring.’
    • ‘Businesses that have traditionally been less competitive in the marketplace have the opportunity to develop a dominant presence in the virtual marketplace.’
    1. 1.1 In a way that is based on a particular tradition.
      ‘traditionally styled 1930s-era houses’
      ‘they dress traditionally in kimonos’
      • ‘They have completed numerous renovations to the traditionally styled 1930s-era houses.’
      • ‘The dancers are dressed traditionally in matching wedding-white costume.’
      • ‘She's still installed on a traditionally designed pedestal.’
      • ‘The county has traditionally made its living from fishing, agriculture and tin-mining.’
      • ‘Even good forms of soy foods must be eaten sparingly, the way they have been eaten traditionally in Asia.’