Definition of traditionalism in US English:



  • 1The upholding or maintenance of tradition, especially so as to resist change.

    • ‘Clearly, a strict attempt to unify traditionalism with dietary practice is increasingly irrelevant and impossible.’
    • ‘The extension to accounting history came in the 1980s as the developing body of literature critical of mainstream traditionalism embraced history as an integral component of its commentary.’
    • ‘He held that political progressivism demanded educational traditionalism.’
    • ‘His traditionalism - the hallmark of a true conservative - has been there since the days when he campaigned to keep women out of the Cambridge Union.’
    • ‘It is also ironic that, despite the dominance and visibility of reactionary traditionalists, liberal traditionalism is still thriving.’
    • ‘If, on the one hand, we stress the points of difference, we get a profound contrast between behavioralism and traditionalism.’
    • ‘Home is all about conservatism and traditionalism; the street, on the other hand, is movement, activity, change and possibility.’
    • ‘The war was in truth a struggle for hegemony in Europe, a fight between the ideological inheritance of the French Revolution and reactionary traditionalism.’
    • ‘At this level, she represents what I have elsewhere called reactionary traditionalism, a vehement rejection of modernity or westernization through the assertion of tradition as a categorial identity.’
    • ‘In addition to caution against repeating the mistakes of their parents, traditionalism and pragmatism also appear to drive this new generation of moms and dads.’
    • ‘Hearing these versions is like enjoying a meal in one of Vienna's oldest five-star restaurants: there are no surprises, but traditionalism rarely has been upheld with such opulent perfection.’
    • ‘Has traditionalism been rendered irrelevant?’
    • ‘In this regard, films seem more likely to take a direct approach to linking colonial politics with the politics of traditionalism and anti-modernization.’
    • ‘However important the tradition might be, traditionalism is not a viable option.’
    • ‘She is unwilling to be trapped in the clichés of orthodoxy and traditionalism that rely too much on superstitions and unfair social customs that endorse the secondary role of women.’
    • ‘These factors have contributed to the emergence throughout the Muslim world of a new form of militant traditionalism.’
    • ‘Dissecting Leftism says that a belief in individual liberty is more basic to conservatism than is traditionalism.’
    conventionality, orthodoxy, fitting in, following the crowd, running with the pack, swimming with the stream
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    1. 1.1historical The theory that all moral and religious truth comes from divine revelation passed on by tradition, human reason being incapable of attaining it.
      • ‘Fundamentalists reject a larger portion of secular society, maintain strong commitments to strict literalism, premillennial dispensationalism, and moral traditionalism.’
      • ‘My criticism arises because he is also Protestant, and yet his account of the authority of tradition could be interpreted as more consistent with Orthodox and Catholic traditionalism.’
      • ‘Not even ressentiment by the dispossessed escapes this religious traditionalism; the ethical prophet may be an exception.’
      • ‘I'm not sure about that, but I am hopeful that Anglican theology, with its middle way between liberal rationalism and dogmatic traditionalism, can save the historical quest for Jesus.’
      conventionality, conventionalism, conformism, conservatism, conformity, properness, propriety, correctness, doctrinalism, unoriginality
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