Definition of trading stamp in US English:

trading stamp


  • A stamp given by some stores to a customer according to the amount spent, and exchangeable in the appropriate number for various articles.

    • ‘Supermarket loyalty cards will have to be amended as it is an offence to offer a ‘gift, token, trading stamp, coupon or other document or thing’ that may be used in payment for ‘certain goods’.’
    • ‘There are some parts of this bill that make sense - the abolition of the prohibition on trading stamps, for example.’
    • ‘Each time you have an argument, that little bit of resentment is like a trading stamp.’
    • ‘No person shall issue any trading stamp trading stamp unless it bears on its face in clear and legible characters a value expressed in or by reference to current coin of the realm.’


trading stamp

/ˈtrādiNG ˌstamp/