Definition of trading card in US English:

trading card


  • One of a set of cards, such as those depicting professional athletes, that are collected and traded, especially by children.

    • ‘These people collect guns the way some people collect coins, trading cards (do people still collect these?’
    • ‘First time ever - official in-game player trading cards, which enable users to collect, trade and unlock cheat codes throughout the game’
    • ‘His collection of trading cards look like any other trading cards.’
    • ‘The core concept of the prototype episode is a digital trading card game representing the characters in the stories.’
    • ‘Why, there's even a special treat for the kids: supermodel trading cards!’
    • ‘The firefighters and officers handed out trading cards and signed their autographs for the students.’
    • ‘Given the number of references to this ubiquitous yet elusive object, I figured its addition to my collection of trading cards and sports memorabilia would be a valuable acquisition.’
    • ‘Arens collected such tiny surrealistic beachheads in a frontal assault on the mundane as others would collect porcelains or baseball trading cards.’
    • ‘An Italian priest hopes the children of his parish will be equally enthusiastic about bible-related trading cards.’
    • ‘At first they lamented the lack of choice, but then discovered the fun of trading cards and helping each other locate pictures of their animals in magazines and books.’
    • ‘One reason they like it so much is, the children are allowed to bring standard playing cards to school but not trading cards because of stealing, fighting, and such.’
    • ‘He collects Gulf War trading cards - they're his retirement fund.’
    • ‘There are also trading cards, sports collectibles, and cigars.’
    • ‘He stops every few steps and signs his name on whatever is thrust at him - posters, trading cards, baseball caps, jerseys, pictures, training camp programs, pennants, mini-helmets.’
    • ‘With a jarring crash, the owner tumbled into a box of old trading cards, sending bits of collectible cardboard everywhere.’
    • ‘Do you like trading cards with pictures of monsters on them?’
    • ‘A million cigarette and other trading cards are on show in the largest event, being held for the first time in the town for 13 years.’
    • ‘She was sitting down near the lounge chair, going through her collection of trading cards.’
    • ‘If only words could be categorised and given concrete ranks, like the back of sports trading cards - maybe then people would be more comfortable with them.’
    • ‘Following the summer launch, a tidal wave of merchandise is set to follow, including trading cards and children's books.’


trading card