Definition of tradespeople in US English:


plural noun

  • People engaged in trade.

    • ‘In their country, they were tradespeople and professionals such as teachers, lawyers or physicians.’
    • ‘‘Hosing down the pavement so residents and tradespeople may use the back gate is not what I expected to be obliged to do when I became warden here,’ she added.’
    • ‘It would also be good to have some tradespeople among the group, he said.’
    • ‘Participants will include landowners, tradespeople, advisers or expects and business, promoters/investors.’
    • ‘For craftspeople and tradespeople, who have the skills, they could certainly start a business and do so successfully.’
    • ‘The couple's home was being renovated at the time of the offence and the money was set aside to pay the tradespeople.’
    • ‘People in the rural sector know that more apprenticeships will mean more tradespeople for the rural sector.’
    • ‘During the past two years I have needed tradespeople for new windows and a kitchen with the same scenario happening: many telephone calls, broken promises, no response.’
    • ‘Having made that cynical remark about socially conscious tradespeople, I actually met one last night!’
    • ‘It will deliver around 300 jobs for local tradespeople during construction and between 400-500 long-term jobs for retail workers.’
    • ‘Do you think that contractors see that they have a responsibility to train up the next generation of tradespeople?’
    • ‘It did not seem relevant to a generation of tradespeople and professionals to live just as did their grandfathers in Germany and Poland when all the rest of their lives were so different and so new.’
    • ‘We're screaming out for tradespeople, yet people are being told to go to university.’
    • ‘And with the construction that is going on, it is already difficult to get a builder and tradespeople.’
    • ‘While the operations had been in progress much discomfort had been caused to pedestrians, and tradespeople generally reported a depression in trade.’
    • ‘In particular we must attract, recruit, inspire and train a veritable army of entry-level tradespeople and professionals to ensure that we can meet the demands upon us.’
    • ‘That said, you've got to admire the people who are skilful enough to transform their homes without the help of tradespeople.’
    • ‘Types of key workers to be included in the scheme have not yet been finalised but are likely to include tradespeople as well as public sector workers.’
    • ‘The tradespeople aren't working outside this morning because it's too windy and dangerous.’
    • ‘Milne's tenants, most of whom are men, are either pensioners or factory and construction workers, tradespeople and contractors who need a place for a while.’