Definition of tractotomy in US English:



  • The surgical severing of nerve tracts especially in the medulla of the brain, typically to relieve intractable pain or mental illness, or in research.

    • ‘A study of cognitive function in 23 patients undergoing subcaudate tractotomy found significant impairment of cognitive function 2 weeks post-op which had largely resolved after six months.’
    • ‘It seems that the complications associated with pulmonary tractotomies are considerably high, but the mortality of anatomic resections is prohibitive.’
    • ‘Subcaudate tractotomy was developed and is primarily used in the United Kingdom.’
    • ‘Stereotactic mesencephalic tractotomy constitutes a widely accepted procedure in treating unilateral head and neck cancer pain.’
    • ‘They noted that facial pain and itch sensations are both abolished by trigeminal medullary tractotomy.’