Definition of tract housing in US English:

tract housing


North American
  • A type of housing development featuring houses that are all of a similar appearance or design.

    • ‘Nowhere is the problem more visible than in the open expanse of southwestern Dade County, where tract housing gives way to sawgrass and airboat engines.’
    • ‘After adjusting to the exotic environment, the heat, and the realization that what used to be wilderness is now surrounded by tract housing development, the students get to work.’
    • ‘This idea of simplicity may have something to do with widespread concerns during the last decade about the lack of architectural involvement in suburban tract housing.’
    • ‘Endless rows of suburban tract housing are sprouting up where corn once grew.’
    • ‘In Vlas, a town just north of Sunny Beach, for example, we saw 200-room hotels under construction, lined up like dominos or suburban tract housing.’
    • ‘Predominant mass-market housing programs such as project homes or tract housing largely fail to meet the desires of people who appreciate a modernist design aesthetic.’
    • ‘But unlike everyday tract housing or conventional strip developments, the Marion Cultural Centre remains a critically reflexive exploration of itself and its context.’
    • ‘The surge of construction in the 1990's - dismal ranchettes insinuating themselves on the mountains of Wyoming, tract housing invading farm fields in Ohio - has enlisted a new constituency for change.’
    • ‘Sooner or later, all of this land will be given over to strip malls and tract housing.’
    • ‘Asphalt radiates solar heat like a stovetop, creating a heat island where farmlands and desert have been paved over to make room for tract housing and some four million vehicles.’
    • ‘In addition to causing social problems, the spread of tract housing exacerbated a host of environmental ills.’
    • ‘The program called for the design of eight houses that would demonstrate modern alternatives to tract housing.’
    • ‘Photographs of rows of nondescript suburban tract housing along with an accompanying essay were presented as a magazine spread in Arts Magazine, December 1966.’
    • ‘That means the price of land for suburban tract housing is heading ever upward.’
    • ‘As James looks out the window of the tract housing and sees the expanse of a wheat field for the first time, something inside him opens up.’
    • ‘Tall house, short setback - it's an all-too-common problem in modern tract housing, and the Hogans faced it too.’
    • ‘With that project under its belt, the company was able to exit the tract housing market and break into the expanding school construction arena.’
    • ‘He then began photographing what had become banal suburbia, complete with tract housing, strip malls and gas stations.’
    • ‘Investors routinely purchase undeveloped floodplain land for relatively low prices, throw up tract housing and then re-sell each unit at prices greatly inflated by the current housing bubble.’
    • ‘There are efficiencies that could translate into more architecture for less money, and it could compete with tract housing as a much higher-quality product.’