Definition of trackside in English:



  • The area alongside a railroad track or sports track.

    • ‘For those who don't know what a detector is, they are simply safety devices installed trackside at strategic points and their job is to scan the train when it passes by…’
    • ‘I had managed to bag a window seat and I sat there looking outside, taking in my last sights of trackside Mumbai for the next month or so.’
    • ‘They have a lot of gear that's used both internally and at trackside.’
    • ‘And in a diary of his visits, he praised the ‘superb’ efforts of station, train and trackside staff who were keeping the railways running.’
    • ‘That's a much stronger feeling for the people who live trackside.’
    • ‘Instead, North Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service said a faulty cinder box had meant red hot cinders were spilling out on to the bone dry trackside.’
    • ‘We walked outside near Walter Payton's Roundhouse and through the parking lot, but soon it was time for the seven of us to return to trackside to catch our inbound train to Chicago.’
    • ‘It says over time it hopes to eradicate trees on trackside embankments, cutting delays and saving resources because clean-ups will not have to be so frequent.’
    • ‘As a freight train rolls through the Alameda Corridor, a scanner inside a trackside hut records data transmitted from tags affixed to the train's cargo containers.’
    • ‘Since he was 11, Jason has - by his own admission - left his mark on many hundreds, if not thousands, of trains, tracksides and walls.’
    • ‘Sharman and his friends did not spend much time in the trackside towns; they were simply too busy.’
    • ‘Interestingly, the company, which provides equipment for trackside rail repairs, has been able to sidestep challenging market conditions.’
    • ‘The series will also provide $750,000 of trackside engine support next season.’
    • ‘We got out of the taxi and followed them past the guard shack, inside the corrugated iron fence, passing along the way some trackside food vendors, and a sort of red light establishment.’