Definition of tracking in English:



  • 1Electronics
    The maintenance of a constant difference in frequency between two or more connected circuits or components.

    • ‘This tracking system provides for the tracking of a target matching the preloaded or hyperspectral signature observed prior to launch.’
    • ‘The text describes the apparatus and method for differential tracking in a magneto-optic data storage system using mark edge detection.’
    1. 1.1 The alignment of the wheels of a vehicle.
    2. 1.2 The formation of a conducting path for an electric current over the surface of an insulating material.
      • ‘When the needle is removed, the metal ring remains in place, permitting electromagnetic tracking of the catheter as it is fed through the vascular system.’
      • ‘The tracking and strap cells along with the tracking scheme allow for better tracking of current within the array without the necessity of adding timing margin.’
  • 2US The practice of putting schoolchildren in groups of the same age and ability to be taught together.

    ‘Japan allows virtually no tracking or ability grouping before high school’
    • ‘One would not be able to determine whether public schools were tracking black students into remedial classes and white students into advanced placement.’
    • ‘Access to this statewide database allowed for the tracking of large numbers of dual enrollment students after high school graduation.’
    • ‘This means that instead of tracking within high school, there are several types of high schools that differ in vocational and academic emphasis.’
    • ‘School tracking systems were assailed as elitist; educators are again arguing over ends.’
    • ‘At its worst, tracking can simply recreate within each school the inequality that exists today among schools.’
    • ‘For instance, one such experiment might examine the effects of a policy change in tracking or ability grouping on student outcomes.’