Definition of trackbed in English:



  • A roadbed for a railroad.

    • ‘But they did believe a link to Menston Railway Station carrying one train every hour through to Leeds along a line close to the old original trackbed, was possible.’
    • ‘Over the last mile of rail trackbed there's a pond with alders, a wren squeaked in the scrub and then we walked a low embankment that has commendably been spared the plough.’
    • ‘The company has had to make do with antiquated equipment, owns little of its trackbed, has difficulty attracting and retaining skilled labor, and is more than $3 billion in debt.’
    • ‘We are going a roundabout way to the village via a quiet length of top road and track and then an abandoned rail line of cinder trackbed ablaze with fireweed.’
    • ‘In March the Rail Authority confirmed a two-mile section of the railway trackbed was to remain in railway ownership, protecting it from possible development.’