Definition of trackball in English:



  • A small ball set in a holder that can be rotated by hand to move a cursor on a computer screen.

    • ‘Those of you who have read my stuff over the years know that I've been singing the praises of multi-button mice and trackballs for many years now.’
    • ‘Your suggestion to use a trackball is the best option.’
    • ‘The game's arcade cabinet featured a trackball that could be pawed to control a marble through a number of devious mazes and obstacles.’
    • ‘A lot of users these days are sick of dodgy mice with trackballs, they get dirty and become unreliable, not to mention it's a pain to have to pull them apart to clean the ball.’
    • ‘Instead of the built-in camera snapping pictures of the desktop, this time it's the trackball.’
    • ‘A trackball is stationary and the pointer can be moved using your thumb by rolling the ball which sits on the top.’
    • ‘Originally, this game was played with a trackball which seemed incredibly futuristic at the time.’
    • ‘Vehicle movement and lack of physical desktop space make it difficult to use a mouse, trackball or touchscreen.’
    • ‘It is more than a keyboard encoder, adding support for industry-standard trackballs or spinners as well.’
    • ‘‘It's too big,’ he pronounces, and demonstrates that it will not quite fit in his drawer next to his trackball.’
    • ‘Other features tailored to the gaming community include the trackball interface, which not only supports trackballs and spinners, but also has three mouse buttons as well.’
    • ‘They promise to so streamline interactions between people and computers that the mouse, the trackball, the keyboard will surely someday seem quaint and clunky.’
    • ‘Let each geek decide themselves which is more important: a new nerf gun, a fancy trackball, or a better set of speakers?’
    • ‘The trackball cursor devices and menu-driven displays, for instance, control nearly every piece of avionics in the cockpit.’
    • ‘That includes all controls except the trackball, spinner, and three mouse buttons.’
    • ‘For architects with a small degree of manual dexterity, there is an array of joysticks and trackballs that are simpler to use than mice.’
    • ‘The scroll control comes from a ball built into the upper surface of the mouse - a kind of modern answer to the trackballs of old.’
    • ‘While you're slaving over the code, cramping your thumb on your trackball, and squinting your eyes at the pixels, remember what it is you are doing this for, and never ever forget.’
    • ‘The trackballs allow either of the pilots to move his individual cursor, a large crosshair, among his three displays, seamlessly sliding from one to the other.’
    • ‘Trying to use it without a trackball is a good way to get frustrated.’