Definition of track shoe in US English:

track shoe


  • A running shoe.

    • ‘And, plus, he had his track shoes on the entire night.’
    • ‘Dozens walked by wearing everyday jeans and sweatshirts and track shoes, the American uniform, for better or worse.’
    • ‘Why don't they have prospects wear full football gear instead of allowing them to run bare-chested in skimpy shorts and track shoes?’
    • ‘She confirmed she had worn normal track shoes last night rather than spikes to ensure her legs were 100% for the marathon, but she insisted she had not taken it easy during the race.’
    • ‘Normal white track shoes, not pristine white, mind you, for no one in a sane mind would have such clean shoes - unless they were new.’
    • ‘The cyclist, seemingly untouched by the war, was dressed in a tee shirt and shorts, knee-high socks and track shoes.’
    • ‘Here are five things you need to know before you put on your track shoes and tee it up.’
    • ‘When I'm out running on my lunch hour, not once have I watched in awe as a fellow runner sprints toward me sporting a solitary track shoe.’
    • ‘She pulled out five pairs of white medium-grade track shoes.’
    • ‘He wore a shabby pair of green slacks made from synthetic fibre and flared from the knee down, a green t-shirt and a pair of cast-off track shoes from a former client.’


track shoe

/ˈtrak ˌSHo͞o//ˈtræk ˌʃu/