Definition of track lighting in US English:

track lighting


  • A lighting system in which the lights are fitted on tracks, allowing variable positioning.

    • ‘Some track lighting systems have a cord which can simply be plugged into an existing outlet.’
    • ‘In the past, funds have been used to purchase equipment such as cameras, track lighting and computer software as well as hiring sessionals and visiting artists.’
    • ‘Dovetail-shaped grooves add patterning and allow for track lighting below.’
    • ‘The ballroom has track lighting with conical downlights.’
    • ‘Exposed timber rafters also feature in the bedrooms and are juxtaposed with modern halogen track lighting - again an idea that Lynne spotted in a magazine.’
    • ‘He suggests lamps or track lighting, (bedrooms dark and living room bright).’
    • ‘Try simple track lighting or, if you can, invest in low voltage or mains voltage recessed lighting in the ceiling.’
    • ‘Task lighting under the bookshelves brightens the client's paperwork, while track lighting along the original wooden ceiling beams illuminates the main living space.’
    • ‘Multiple track lighting with dimmers and down lights eliminate hot spots and allow us to adapt lighting to specific artworks.’
    • ‘One of the most important considerations is the need to bring electrical power to your track lighting.’
    • ‘Think of it as track lighting on the smallest possible scale.’
    • ‘They've added track lighting, painted the walls and set up a lounge in the entrance.’
    • ‘In this case, recessed lighting that is flush with the ceiling may be a better option, though it cannot be repositioned as easily as track lighting.’
    • ‘Try to use floor can lights or track lighting to brighten things up a bit.’
    • ‘It's easy to spend hundreds of dollars on halogen pot lights or track lighting, but nothing gets the job done quite like a string of well-placed Christmas lights.’
    • ‘The showroom has a slate floor and track lighting.’
    • ‘This room spans the width of the apartment and features parquet flooring and track lighting; there is also access to a west-facing terrace.’
    • ‘While the bouncy red booths and sparkly vinyl tables scream 1950s, the apple martini walls and track lighting let you know that this is no time warp.’
    • ‘The cell is dark - the only light emanating from track lighting set in the ceiling outside my personal suite.’
    • ‘Michael installs track lighting in the guest closet, only to discover that he accidentally put it on the floor instead of the ceiling.’


track lighting

/trak ˈlīdiNG/