Definition of track and field in US English:

track and field


  • Athletic events that take place on a running track and a nearby field; track events and field events.

    • ‘He showed his wide array of ability on both track and field to make him a deserving winner of this title for the second successive year.’
    • ‘The next big day for athletics is the track and field events in Manorhamilton on Sunday, May 23.’
    • ‘Imagine a world of sports where black men didn't dominate boxing or track and field.’
    • ‘He notes additional volunteers are still needed to assist with track and field, swimming and table tennis.’
    • ‘Aidan plays soccer, excels in track and field and competes in Orienteering and Rogaining events.’
    • ‘A number of years ago she was a superb athlete and won many honours in track and field events throughout the county.’
    • ‘The club caters for all aspects of athletics, track and field, indoor and cross country.’
    • ‘Thirteen athletes donned the blue and white vest in a track and field programme of 18 events.’
    • ‘While one group of soldiers is swimming, the others are running track and field.’
    • ‘Last week I read the parts of the book that deal with track and field and assessed the damage in print.’
    • ‘It's higher than the hurdles we have to jump over in track and field, that's for sure.’
    • ‘What about bringing in some people who would have gone into track and field?’
    • ‘Have a good week at work and best of luck to our athletes in the track and field events today!’
    • ‘I was a fast bowler, and my cricket coach said I should try track and field.’
    • ‘He is quickly finding out there is life after retirement - and that it has nothing to do with track and field.’
    • ‘In sports, whether it is track and field or swimming or whatever, we have the world of real strength.’
    • ‘She was a versatile sportswoman, excelling in these sports as well as long jump in track and field.’
    • ‘Anna is also a talented athlete who can turn to many track and field events.’
    • ‘This will cover the track and field athletics events, long puck, swimming and cycling.’
    • ‘Athletes will compete in track and field, volleyball, football, netball and basketball.’


track and field