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  • 1A copy of a drawing, map, or design made by tracing it.

    • ‘The artists started with a sketch, proceeded to a working drawing or tracing and, in the case of large-scale windows, a cartoon.’
    • ‘He decomposed the moving pictures into sequential tracings for publication.’
    • ‘Usually, they are tracings of things he did do, or sometimes composite tracings - the head from one sketch traced onto a tracing of the body of another sketch.’
    • ‘The meticulous tracings preserve every splatter, trickle and drip of the original stains.’
    • ‘These were photographed and tracings were made to depict the location of mechanical support tissue.’
    • ‘Her reliance on transparent papers, stencils, stamps, collage and tracings lightens the often horrific nature of her imagery by making it seem on the verge of dissolution.’
    • ‘Superimposed tracings of these images, reproduced as figures here, were used to determine the range of motion at each joint.’
    • ‘While copying and tracing are sometimes frowned on in school art rooms, these activities can be of help in learning how artists worked.’
    • ‘We can also assist in the tracing of war graves, and whenever it is possible we operate a free grave or memorial photography service for those people who are unable to travel.’
    • ‘The tracings turned up in a broadside published by John Taylor through the Nauvoo Neighbor on 24 June.’
    • ‘Wherever possible we also operate a grave tracing and photography service, for those unable to travel.’
    • ‘Duplicate tracings of the photographs were subsequently assessed by 2 independent observers, resulting in 480 observations.’
    • ‘They then outlined the tracings that showed well from under the tissue.’
    • ‘Leonardo's mural, with its tracings and smaller copies, is a locus of essential religious and aesthetic meanings, a virtual communion between art and life.’
    • ‘Then you trace the tracing and so on, and the more you trace, the less perfect the picture becomes.’
    • ‘It might be that Lady Seated at the Virginals is a composite of tracings of parts of images onto planes at different distances and with different positions of the lens.’
    • ‘The chapter entitled ‘To take the perfect draught of any Picture’ explains eight different ways of making tracings from paintings or prints, for purposes of producing versions of the same composition.’
    • ‘One of these formal tracings is color-coded according to the materials employed, and it details the contours and regulating lines for a silver-gilt ciborium (Pl. XII).’
    sketch, picture, illustration, representation, portrayal, delineation, depiction, composition, study, diagram, outline, design, plan, artist's impression
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    1. 1.1 A faint or delicate mark or pattern.
      ‘tracings of apple blossoms against the deep greens of pines’
      • ‘If I get up from my office desk and walk across the room I can see in the distance the twin towers of the Severn Bridge spanning the Bristol Channel and behind them the first grey-green tracings of the landscape of Wales.’
      • ‘He defined ‘lightness’ as ‘luminous tracings that are placed in the foreground and set in contrast to dark catastrophe.’’
      • ‘It was made of dark, polished oak, with delicate tracings of bright silver describing a swirling pattern along its length.’
      • ‘On the canvass a chalk preliminary had already been sketched out: a faint tracing depicting the old chair and bucket with the window behind them.’
      • ‘Wing tracings clearly show variation in wing size and shape among species, and also among sex-age groups within species in these hummingbirds.’
      • ‘First it looks like nothing but light tracings on white walls, but if you stare at it a while it's a huge mural of very modern comic book images tinged with influences from the museum.’
      • ‘There were faint, white tracings against tan skin where the scars should have been.’
    2. 1.2
      another term for trace (sense 4 of the noun)
      • ‘A 26-year-old, gravida 2, para 1, white woman delivered a full-term infant by cesarean section for nonreassuring heart tracings.’
      • ‘Spirometric measurements and maximal mid-expiratory flow rates are accurate and reproducible, because effort variation is detectable from the configuration of the tracings.’
      • ‘In addition, rescoring of a random 10% sample of oximetry tracings by a second as well as by the original interpreter showed no significant differences in scores.’
      • ‘Figure 2 shows the individual values of the main parameters and Figure 3 depicts representative tracings in a typical patient.’
      • ‘Figures 1 and 2 depict various tympanogram tracings based on variations of the original Liden and Jerger classifications.’
      • ‘Representative tracings and the mean data are given in Figure 2 and Table 2.’
      • ‘Platelet aggregation tracings of the PRP from 12 healthy individuals, adjusted to five different plasma fibrinogen concentrations, were the primary parameter measured.’
      • ‘Retrospectively, we looked at airway flow tracings, identifying the start of slow inflation.’
      • ‘If need be, he or she will arrange a tracing of your heart, which can be done in the surgery.’
      • ‘The clinicians managing the labor were not aware of the biophysical profile results, and the researcher measuring the results was not aware of the fetal heart rate tracings.’
      • ‘This set of tracings formed a ‘quick reference catalogue’ that was periodically reassessed and used to assist in matching among the slides collected during all subsequent encounters.’
      • ‘Full 12-lead tracings were printed for evaluation by the study cardiologist, who had no knowledge of data on the patients and was not involved in the care of patients enrolled in the study.’
      • ‘I told the patient that I was concerned about the tracing and that if it didn't improve, I would recommend a c-section.’
      • ‘Although Stroude asked for the tracing of the two accused, he reminded them that because of the nature of the charge, they were not allowed bail.’
      • ‘Disorders of heart rate and rhythm alter the time intervals on the horizontal axis of ECG tracings and usually can be diagnosed by analyzing the findings on a single lead from a bedside monitor.’
      • ‘To illustrate my observations, here are tracings made from my viewing screen at the 7.9 seconds and the 17.4 seconds positions.’
      • ‘Errors in landmark identification were estimated by examining duplicate tracings of 12 of the cephalometric radiographs.’
      • ‘What's happening there is I can see much more activity or rare activity in the tracings, because you're probably fearful of what I'm about to ask next, and that's how polygraph testing works.’
      • ‘A representative tracing from one lean and one obese Zucker rat is shown in Figure 3.’
      • ‘If you do have a fast heart rate, it is certainly worth asking your doctor to have a tracing of your heart done at the surgery.’
    3. 1.3 The marking out of a figure on the ice when skating.