Definition of traceable in US English:



  • 1Able to be found or discovered.

    ‘the roots of his difficulties are easily traceable’
    • ‘It was revealed that cannabis was traceable in the body for a minimum of six hours after smoking it.’
    • ‘There was a barely traceable hint of jealousy in his voice.’
    • ‘Researchers provide volunteers with a food or beverage that's spiked with a traceable form of magnesium.’
    • ‘The benefits for buyers are substantial price savings, plus a traceable and transparent sourcing process.’
    • ‘She's the eldest daughter of a powerful family with a long traceable heritage.’
    1. 1.1 Able to be followed on its course or to its origin.
      ‘she noticed the easily traceable tracks her horse left’
      ‘the fault is directly traceable to my office’
      • ‘Gangs sold equipment abroad because it was less traceable.’
      • ‘Make sure that any test data being used does not expose real information traceable to real customers.’
      • ‘The meat was traceable to the farm level.’
      • ‘Spam is increasingly not being sent from a single traceable mail system.’
      • ‘The book, although published in the 1920s, has roots traceable to 1850.’