Definition of toxicologist in US English:



  • See toxicology

    • ‘But British research earlier in 2002, by molecular toxicologist David de Pomerai at the University of Nottingham, showed that radio waves can cause biological effects that are not due to heating.’
    • ‘After 48 hours, the fish were removed and their brains studied for evidence of lipid peroxidation, a tissue-burning chemical reaction that toxicologists use as a standard of biological damage.’
    • ‘Dr Sunderman was a Renaissance man with accomplishments as a physician, clinical scientist, toxicologist, author, editor, violinist, poet, and photographer.’
    • ‘With the advantage of hindsight, it is remarkable that for so many years toxicologists have largely ignored chemical speciation of metals.’
    • ‘It's fairly obvious that if someone related to a forensic toxicologist dies under suspicious circumstances, that the forensic toxicologist would be the obvious target of an investigation.’