Definition of toxemia in US English:


(British toxaemia)


  • 1Blood poisoning by toxins from a local bacterial infection.

    • ‘The injection can alleviate toxemia, raise the blood pressure and improve the general condition of the patients.’
    • ‘The classic textbook description of acute haematogenous osteomyelitis includes severe pain, fever, and toxaemia.’
    • ‘Patients with tuberculosis empyema present with chest pain, breathlessness, cough with expectoration, fever, and toxaemia.’
    • ‘Almost immediately, they stumble into a raw spectrox nest that quickly infects them with spectrox toxemia - an almost incurable, fatal disease.’
    • ‘The patient often became severely ill from the general manifestations of infection - fever, rigors, and toxaemia - and was very likely to die when this occurred.’
    1. 1.1
      another term for preeclampsia
      • ‘Moreover, no significant differences in infant growth were noted between the presence/absence of toxemia during pregnancy, cesarean section, and smoking habit.’
      • ‘It may also be called toxemia or pregnancy-induced hypertension.’
      • ‘During her second pregnancy his wife, Shelley, developed toxemia; the couple awaited the new baby's birth with trepidation.’
      • ‘Women pregnant with multiples are more likely than those with singletons to suffer premature delivery, toxemia (a potentially fatal form of high blood pressure), and hemorrhage.’
      • ‘The evidence that ambulatory blood pressure measurement may predict pre-eclamptic toxaemia is not yet conclusive.’


Mid 19th century: from toxi- + -emia.