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  • 1The visual appearance of a town or urban area; an urban landscape.

    ‘the building's contribution to the townscape’
    ‘an industrial townscape’
    • ‘By the mid-tenth century, a dense townscape of streets and tenements was taking shape.’
    • ‘In identifying an earlier generation of confident women Nead not only provides a more accurate regendering of the historical townscape but enriches our understanding of modern urban experience.’
    • ‘His house stood on top of the hill, overlooking the townscape below and opening into the countryside above.’
    • ‘We become involved in the early stages of major proposals for the city, and steer them so that the importance of the historic townscape and landscape is taken into account.’
    • ‘The concepts of townscape and landscape seem non-existent: there is land that has been developed and land that hasn't - yet.’
    • ‘However, paragraph 56 of that document indicates that the townscape and landscape of the wider locality must inform considerations of design and layout.’
    • ‘It has permeated the most distinct quarters of the country, turning memorable townscapes into a predictable sea of identical coffee shops, bookstores, children's play spaces, back-rub parlors, faux diners, and nature stores.’
    • ‘Scenery - countryside and townscape - made of shapes, smells, sounds and colours becomes a landscape which has evolved over the centuries and is still evolving, a product of the synergy of humanity and the natural.’
    • ‘It has been observed that the amphitheatre dominated the townscape of a Roman town as the cathedral dominated the medieval town.’
    • ‘Design of the two larger blocks of flats were also unacceptable and would harm the townscape and setting of the conservation area and nearby listed buildings.’
    • ‘The Big Scrub Rainforest Day challenges people to think about where they live and work and to consider what the landscape or townscape may have looked like before the arrival of the cedar getters and widespread clearing for agriculture.’
    • ‘They also argued that development would ‘seriously detract from the townscape and visual amenity’ of the area and that the development, if used as a pharmacy, would be ‘unsustainable’.’
    • ‘By comparison, the cluttered townscape of the older centres, with its narrow streets and timber-and-thatch housing, seemed outdated and even barbarous.’
    • ‘For example, many of our most valued townscapes, landscapes habitats and institutions still reflect medieval and even earlier survivals, despite significant climate change and massive political upheavals in the last 500 years.’
    • ‘The dominant trends of town planning have also been based on strong strategies and strong urban form, whereas the medieval townscape as well as the urban settings of traditional communities have grown on the bases of weak principles.’
    • ‘The impact Norman castles have made on the development of Britain's landscapes and townscapes thus reflects many dimensions of medieval power and lordship.’
    • ‘The Portuguese townscape packs in tremendous particularity, using just a simple palette of white walls, earth materials, and gently composed traditional forms.’
    • ‘I am satisfied that the proposal would have no significant impact on the Conservation Area or the Listed Building as far as views in the wider townscape are concerned.’
    • ‘Space has to be carved out and carefully wrapped to create a luminous, inward-looking void, augmented by carefully framed views of the townscape.’
    • ‘It's nice to be able to make a positive contribution to the townscape.’
    landscape, countryside, country, terrain, topography, setting, surroundings, environment
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    1. 1.1 A picture of a town.
      • ‘A similar appropriation of city space occurs in engravings of townscapes, which for the first time in the sixteenth century provided the detail necessary for citizens to locate specific features of their city.’
      • ‘In his awed provincialism Grimshaw failed to realise that as a painter he could outdo all three so long as he kept to his own landscapes and townscapes.’
      • ‘The subject matter includes landscapes, portraits, townscapes, still lifes, and history and religious paintings.’
      • ‘His subjects include landscape, seascape, townscape and portraits, all of which are represented in this current offering.’
      • ‘The Apuan Alps and the encroaching Apennine foothills of Garfagnana are a recurrent theme in the landscapes and townscapes he produces in his top floor studio.’
      • ‘I began painting townscapes with no figures in them whatsoever.’
      • ‘Today his paintings reflect his interest in architecture but also his awareness of his heritage manifested in the landscapes and townscapes of Ireland.’
      • ‘He continued to paint large-scale portrait arrangements but the Nocturnes were largely replaced by intimate little seascapes, landscapes, townscapes, and interiors in oil and watercolours.’
      • ‘The painting, a colorful townscape titled View of Krumau, was seized by the Gestapo after Hellman, who was Jewish, fled to Brazil.’
      • ‘The pictures are all in black and white - except for five colour townscapes - and trace how the primitive and the evocative run through the whole domain, both north and south.’
      • ‘I'll keep working on that canvas when I can't get out, even though it's a subject - a townscape - for which I have little enthusiasm just now.’
      • ‘From about 1930 Rosai painted large landscapes and townscapes in which forms were influenced by mild Cubist stylization.’
      • ‘Portraits and nudes will be on display as well as townscapes and architectural subjects in Abbot Hall Art Gallery's Walter Sickert: the Human Canvas.’
      • ‘Portraits, nudes, townscapes and architectural subjects painted during his time in London, Venice and Dieppe highlight his remarkable technical mastery and experimentation, as well as his relentless strive for realism.’
      • ‘When he did not paint interiors, he painted townscapes.’
      • ‘Hats off also to the gorgeous cover design - a slim and elegant card construction with four lovely colour images of nighttime townscapes.’
      • ‘From inside, the Venissieux townscape becomes a Pointillist backdrop - Paul Signac rather than Georges Seurat.’
      • ‘Grimshaw, who is most famous for his moonlit townscapes, was born in Leeds in 1836 and began painting while working as a clerk for the Great Northern Railway.’
      view, vista, outlook, perspective, panorama, aspect, scene
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