Definition of town planning in US English:

town planning


  • another term for city planning
    • ‘Permission for building construction, remodelling and town planning is granted by the local self-governments.’
    • ‘Since decriminalisation, we have heard a lot from local governments that can now control brothel licensing and town planning.’
    • ‘Erskine became well known for his humanist town planning in Britain and Sweden.’
    • ‘Two years before, the architect had succeeded Walter Gropius as Dean of the Harvard School of Design, where he was preaching a new unity of architecture and town planning.’
    • ‘Towns and experts from all over the world are able to exchange information and experiences in the area of urban lighting and promote light as an integral feature of urban life, architecture and town planning.’
    • ‘The programme is made up of members from the departments of health, fire, building control, town planning and police.’
    • ‘Some are fairly straightforward: textbooks of cosmology, history, religious observance, law, town planning and home management.’
    • ‘That involves a combination of town planning, the development of key infrastructure, and a focus on key business clusters.’
    • ‘Is it a game about town planning, or people development or is it merely a toy?’
    • ‘Formal town planning in Hong Kong dates from 1939 when the Town Planning Ordinance was enacted.’
    • ‘I'm becoming increasingly interested in urban design and town planning, mainly as a consumer.’
    • ‘Topics up for discussion include current values, property funding, construction trends, strategic town planning and development.’
    • ‘But university administrators said that he had been a dedicated student of town planning and urban development who had specialised in urban renewal.’
    • ‘It concentrates on town planning and the construction of new port facilities that greatly enhanced the city's stature as a center of maritime trade.’
    • ‘Architecture and town planning reflect the social and political structure of a society.’
    • ‘These matters were raised in the early studies of town planning and urban development by Pigou and articulated convincingly by Liepmann as given in Table 1.’
    • ‘Once you've built one of these buildings, wouldn't it further complicate future town planning and development?’
    • ‘We may not agree that these rules are sufficient for town planning, but I think we should accept them as necessary.’
    • ‘The loss of the Water Gardens would be particularly disappointing for the people of Harlow as well as for 20th century architecture and town planning.’
    • ‘As a result, the book reads like the first draft of what could have been a useful addition to the discussion of British town planning.’


town planning

/ˌtoun ˈplaniNG//ˌtaʊn ˈplænɪŋ/