Definition of town car in US English:

town car


  • A limousine.

    • ‘I can imagine one of her neighbors dispatching the butler in the town car with a catered casserole.’
    • ‘Overall, drivers feel safer and more secure behind the wheel of a town car.’
    • ‘Camilla, along with her two sisters came out of the town car and entered Cecilia Binns' house.’
    • ‘We held on like nervous clams, thankful to have left our late model town cars up the hill.’
    • ‘Camilla exited the grocery shop and was about to enter George's town car when she saw two figures in the distance who were under a shady tree.’
    • ‘We said our good-byes and my sister waved from the black town car as it drove down the street.’
    • ‘Well, actually, Manny drove us here in a town car.’
    • ‘I think it's perfect for a town car, although there's no way I would buy it: it has no soul.’
    • ‘The guy who drove us over in the town car took us the scenic way and it totally cracked me up when even he knew all about my hospital visit the night before!’
    • ‘The patron phones directly to arrange, round trip transportation via a professionally chauffeured van, town car or limousine to any participating tavern.’
    • ‘He is Muslim and he loves his faith, yet cannot make the time for prayer when he is trying to negotiate a town car through Midtown at rush hour.’
    • ‘I was in a black town car, heading down the streets of San Francisco for what I assumed was their headquarters.’
    • ‘They walked downstairs into the lobby and they walked outside where there was a town car waiting for them.’
    • ‘It can be a mite unwieldy in car parks and the like, but it was never intended as a town car even if in reality many rarely leave a sealed road.’
    • ‘Camilla watched as the town car drove away and turned a corner.’
    • ‘The Model Ts being restored include Tourers, Depot vehicles, one ton trucks, pick-ups, town cars and at least one racer.’
    • ‘It is a peerless town car, being so quick and nimble, and it's a breeze to park and a doddle to drive in heavy traffic.’
    • ‘Ally and Tina slid into the back seat of the black town car that Trent and Carlos had insisted upon for their travels around the city.’
    • ‘A inconspicuous black town car will come pick you up at your hotel in Paris and drive you to the secret location.’
    • ‘In a short run at my local dealers last week, the engine showed its potential as a town car of great flexibility.’