Definition of toweling in English:


(British towelling)


  • Thick absorbent cloth, typically cotton with uncut loops, used for towels and robes.

    • ‘Of course they were more ‘convenient’ than the towelling squares used by our grandparents.’
    • ‘I put on a toweling bathrobe and poured a glass of milk, and sat in an armchair in the sitting room with all the lights on.’
    • ‘To be honest, I had imagined myself swanning around in a plush, towelling robe with one of those Lauren Bacall turbans to match and slices of cucumber on my eyes.’
    • ‘More than 125,000 charitable souls have now visited the site and in honour of this tally the photo gallery features even more snaps of the sultry temptress in a range of provocative poses and towelling robes.’
    • ‘They were wearing towelling robes from the poolhouse.’
    • ‘Toothpicks can break off little bits of wood inside the gun; on the other hand, little shreds of toweling can get caught there, too.’
    • ‘The one that works best is an octopus made out of old towelling.’
    • ‘I said if I can't wear the T-shirt I will go in an old towelling robe in protest.’
    • ‘Greg blinked, taking in her freshly scrubbed face, blue towelling robe and slippers and the untidy way her hair was piled on top of her head.’
    • ‘She had mastered the texture not only of skin but of fabrics, from the slither of silks to the deep tousle of thick wool and towelling and the stiff give of fine leather gloves.’
    • ‘Tea cups tinkled in the drawing room next door and pink-faced women trying to wish their fat away padded through the hallways swathed in white towelling, on their way to the supple fingers of the waiting masseurs.’
    • ‘I scrubbed the nappy with a wire brush, these being the non-disposable towelling terries of the environmental home.’
    • ‘The easiest way to use soap scraps is to pop them into a towelling bag and use it as a pre-soaped wash bag.’
    • ‘Covering the webbed seat with inexpensive toweling renders this stool pool- or patio-worthy while the interior provides a spot to stow toys and picnic supplies.’
    • ‘The bedrooms were not quite as sumptuous, but still very comfortable, and came supplied with fluffy towelling robes, which was a nice touch.’
    • ‘If it was a boxing match then Scarborough would not be allowed to don a towelling robe, never mind clamber through the ropes.’
    • ‘Certain loosely woven fabrics, such as lightweight flannel and toweling, aren't firm enough to be in the stable category.’
    • ‘And they were sitting cross-legged on the floor, totally - well, they were dressed in our toweling robes.’
    • ‘What I'll do is fill a big tub with water, group the containers around it, and run a strip of old towelling to each of them, watering by capilliary action.’
    • ‘As I slipped the white, towelling robe round my shoulders, the fluffy, soft material was really lovely against my skin and the robe was children's size so I didn't feel like I was drowning in it.’