Definition of toward in English:


(also towards)


  • 1In the direction of.

    ‘I walked toward the front door’
    • ‘Both men then ran off in the direction of Cravewood Road towards Cheetham Hill shopping parade.’
    • ‘The man noticed her overly attentive stare and walked directly toward her.’
    • ‘All four turned in the direction of John running towards them waving a piece of paper in his hand.’
    • ‘He sighed hopelessly as he slowly began to walk back towards the direction he came from.’
    • ‘Both vehicles were travelling in the same direction, from Pickering towards Thornton-le-Dale.’
    • ‘Toni made a mocking snicker and turned back in the other direction towards the school.’
    • ‘As they broke out, moving in a southwesterly direction towards the foothills, they were met with artillery fire.’
    • ‘All three vehicles were travelling towards York from the direction of Pocklington at the time of the accident.’
    • ‘A spired tower rose on the horizon, and I altered my direction slightly to head towards it.’
    • ‘There was an archway, and there was his father coming toward him, walking with a cane.’
    • ‘They ran off in different directions - one towards the car, and the other into the reserve.’
    • ‘In another incident, civilians are walking toward a building carrying a white flag.’
    • ‘I started towards the direction of his house when a broken down blue truck pulled up next to me.’
    • ‘He dismounted his horse and walked directly toward him, a black cape fluttering behind him.’
    • ‘Jim, looking resigned, walked toward the finish line as the snow turned to fat globs of freezing rain.’
    • ‘As he turned to walk back toward me, I could see little droplets of drool forming at the corner of his mouth.’
    • ‘An employee of the plant recognised the forklift truck as it was driven down the road towards William Street and called the police.’
    • ‘I looked over my shoulder as we walked toward the shore, but I couldn't see my father.’
    • ‘And if she was walking toward you, it was like a herd of buffalo heading your way.’
    • ‘People start running towards us from both directions, clearly intent on rescue.’
    • ‘Stephen's new pad is located out towards the Enniskerry direction of Dublin.’
    • ‘I crunched my way in a south easterly direction towards the first of two subsidiary tops.’
    • ‘Fearing for her safety, she changed direction and walked towards Faraday Road.’
    • ‘The Marine and his cover man slowly walk toward the injured man, scanning to make sure no enemies come from behind.’
    • ‘I walked off toward the direction of the house silently, not giving him a second glance.’
    • ‘Several curious onlookers turn their heads towards the direction of the laughter.’
    • ‘She walked away from me toward the direction of her locker, and I was left on my own to search for my math class.’
    • ‘He took a few breaths of the air and dragged himself towards the direction of the shops.’
    • ‘Sure enough, a skinny blond boy rose from the back and walked toward us.’
    • ‘As I walked toward it, I was holding my breath, waiting to see how much damage had been done.’
    • ‘They are walking toward the camera, perfect teeth lighting up their pretty faces.’
    • ‘However, there is a mother running in the opposite direction towards her family.’
    • ‘She tries to break away and walk toward the train and he grabs her shoulder and whips her around for a few final words.’
    • ‘She grabbed the boy's arm but he waved her away and took off towards the other direction.’
    • ‘I watched her and walked in the opposite direction, towards my father's house.’
    • ‘Just as I started to walk toward the direction she came from, she stopped and called after me.’
    • ‘As we walked toward the front door, he paused briefly at a small tree, touching tips of the branches with both hands.’
    • ‘But they then followed us on their scooters as we walked toward the castle on the Bay of Naples.’
    • ‘When she spotted the doctor in the far right corner of the lab, she walked directly toward her.’
    • ‘It's then that I realize that the black shape walking toward me is not a hiker.’
    in the direction of, to, toward, so as to approach, so as to near
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    1. 1.1 Getting closer to achieving (a goal)
      ‘an irresistible move toward freedom’
      • ‘What is the power of any president to move towards his goals if there will be thousands killed, half of them children?’
      • ‘Those same countries will be moving even faster towards political as well as financial integration.’
      • ‘When the demystified word can be read clearly, our defiance becomes the first step toward freedom.’
      • ‘We have to believe in a goal so strongly that our actions point toward achieving that goal.’
      • ‘Great nations of the world are moving toward democracy - through the door to freedom.’
      • ‘More than a year passed before the city took steps toward achieving that goal.’
      • ‘A celebrity football match helped a school head towards its fund raising goal.’
      • ‘They love to talk about accountability but seem petrified of allowing even small steps toward freedom.’
      • ‘We have commitment from all staff, in both clinical and supporting areas, to work towards common goals.’
      • ‘He spent a year as a novice working towards this goal, which was achieved in 1608.’
      • ‘But this path toward freedom is accessible to all who would make the sacrifices it entails.’
      • ‘For the first time I felt part of a team working towards some goals, and felt the company was actually organised!’
      • ‘Where is this going, what is victory, are we moving toward advancing our goals?’
      • ‘Here are two practices to achieve consistent advancement toward your goals.’
      • ‘I believe he is in agreement with that approach and that he and his staff are working toward that goal.’
      • ‘This energetic new group is locked on a mission for fame and are moving in leaps and bounds towards their goal.’
      • ‘Commit several minutes to reflecting on how to keep moving toward achieving personal happiness.’
      • ‘For those of you who have worked towards or achieved this goal was it a permanent thing or a temporary experience?’
      • ‘It can do nothing more than react to difficulties because it has no overriding or higher goal towards which it is striving.’
      • ‘Think of prosecutorial budget-sharing as an interim goal toward still greater freedom.’
      • ‘All the children are working towards their own individual goals.’
      • ‘It must take practical steps to move the world toward greater freedoms and human rights.’
      • ‘We have to now move towards mass political action and I don't mean just blockades.’
      • ‘One of the most important steps toward achieving this goal is eliminating the gender pay gap.’
      • ‘We can begin to move from political radicalisation towards the industrial radicalisation that is just beginning.’
      • ‘If we believe it now we will never move towards achieving minimum labour standards internationally.’
      • ‘Setting out future goals is a pointless task if steps are not taken towards achieving them.’
      • ‘The authors have signalled their intention to move towards an annual political review.’
      • ‘By trial and error, I moved toward achieving my goals, and you can do the same.’
      • ‘The movement into modern society was imagined as a move away from tradition and constraint and toward freedom.’
      • ‘Many assume evolution works towards achieving a certain goal, like intelligence.’
      • ‘The best part about knowing your goals and taking steps toward achieving them is that it puts you in charge of your own destiny.’
      • ‘The end of the Cold War brought a measure of freedom and a movement toward democracy in much of the former Soviet domains.’
      • ‘The bigger risk is the question of whether the president's strategy is moving us toward that goal.’
      • ‘Areas designed to give employees relief from their workspaces can go a long way toward achieving that goal.’
      • ‘Tomorrow night they will headline the venue - and take another step towards achieving their ambitions.’
      • ‘All I can do is work towards these goals, and do my utmost to make things work.’
      • ‘He admitted that he was no more king of the waves than he was king of the country, but he was keen to work towards both goals.’
      • ‘A cherished memory from almost 20 years ago has helped keep her heading towards her goal.’
      • ‘By increasing your metabolism, you can burn calories and move closer toward your goal of losing fat.’
      with the aim of, in order to obtain, in order to achieve, so as to achieve, for
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    2. 1.2 Close or closer to (a particular time)
      ‘toward the end of April’
      just before, shortly before, near, nearing, around, approaching, close to, coming to, getting on for, not quite
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  • 2As regards; in relation to.

    ‘he was warm and tender toward her’
    ‘our attitude toward death’
    • ‘Americans tend to have unique ideas regarding how allied nations behave toward one another.’
    • ‘Instead, it is a certain awareness of the presence of others, regardless of what we feel toward them.’
    • ‘It was put to you that it has previously been necessary to speak to you about your attitude and behaviour towards female colleagues.’
    • ‘The law is, of course, important in defining public attitudes towards particular types of behaviour.’
    • ‘Our attitudes towards life intermix, along with our attitudes towards relationships.’
    • ‘I believe however that I was misquoted regarding my attitudes towards the school system.’
    • ‘What really warmed me toward Veneman has nothing to do with her experience, though.’
    • ‘There is a wider disagreement between us concerning the attitude towards power that we on the left should adopt.’
    • ‘You're feeling so tender toward the world that you might be tempted to reach out to a former enemy.’
    • ‘For him, the experience led to an understanding of his mission in life and a peaceful feeling toward death.’
    • ‘Mungo uses the language of commerce to convey his utmost tenderness toward Betty.’
    • ‘I'm not a huge advocate of long distance relationships, so my opinions toward them may be a bit skewed.’
    • ‘Where it differs is in the state's attitude towards the behaviour of its immigrants.’
    • ‘Others listened because of his friendly outgoing nature and warm compassion he showed toward others.’
    • ‘The film's attitude towards death movingly, but objectively, strikes the right note.’
    • ‘He was already bitter toward his creator, blaming God for the death of his beloved wife and unborn child.’
    • ‘The school's attitude towards the buses is part of its positive discipline policy introduced three years ago.’
    • ‘The website suggests a no-nonsense attitude towards unruly behaviour on the court.’
    • ‘Attitudes towards the relationship between genius and madness are a good example.’
    • ‘Cecil was a staunch Protestant but, like the king, took a relatively tolerant attitude towards Catholics.’
    • ‘Do you practice a certain kind of diet or a certain attitude towards relationships and so forth?’
    • ‘The frenzied urgency of the announcement reveals another interesting aspect of his attitude towards the job.’
    • ‘In some parts of the Muslim world, there would appear to be relatively little hostility toward Jews.’
    • ‘It was tempting to condemn him for his attitude and his behaviour towards the girl.’
    • ‘Stereotypes should be challenged and unhealthy attitudes towards relationships with women revised.’
    • ‘The higher the number, the warmer or more favorable you feel toward that group.’
    • ‘It is that philosophy which informs his attitude towards technology.’
    • ‘He told me about his feelings toward his mom's death, and I talked to him about my finals.’
    • ‘Jewish funerals and mourning are characterized by a sense of frankness toward the reality of death.’
    • ‘She began to search for a way out, but she soon found herself apathetic toward her own death.’
    • ‘In fact her uninhibited attitude towards sex and relationships often catches the people around her unawares.’
    • ‘None of this can have warmed London's heart toward intellectuals, real or fraudulent.’
    • ‘Her attitude towards men and relationships was frustrating to say the least.’
    • ‘Why was she suddenly having these warm feelings toward a guy who didn't even like her!’
    • ‘As it is officially under the State Secretariat, its content is often regarded as biased toward the government.’
    • ‘Brett discusses his anger toward the world in general after his mother's death.’
    • ‘Those blockages are causes and consequences of a political culture that's oriented toward death.’
    • ‘They really were expressions of contempt and rebellion toward what his peers regarded as holy.’
    • ‘The difference lies in their attitudes towards death and that's just the beginning.’
    • ‘Today the changes in the way women live have led to a seismic shift in attitudes towards sex and family relationships.’
    with regard to, as regards, regarding, in regard to, in respect to, with respect to, respecting, in relation to, concerning, about, in connection with, apropos
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  • 3Contributing to the cost of (something)

    ‘the council provided a grant toward the cost of new buses’
    • ‘Furthermore, many lenders will make a contribution towards remortgaging costs by paying solicitor fees.’
    • ‘They also declined a prosecution application for her to pay £120 towards the costs of the case.’
    • ‘Each first responder group has to help raise money towards the cost of the team's first aid kit that is held by whichever member is on duty.’
    • ‘The national centre will receive £13 million towards running costs over the first ten years.’
    • ‘The boards failed to apply the rule properly and reduced a nursing home grant towards the cost of living in a home.’
    • ‘The extra coverage will provide some money toward a replacement car if the vehicle is stolen.’
    • ‘The national lottery money will be put towards the total cost of the project, which is £768,000.’
    • ‘Arguably, these poorer students deserve some sort of grant towards their living costs.’
    • ‘Some provide partial payment toward the purchase and installation of water meters.’
    • ‘We wish to thank several individuals who have contributed toward the completion of this research.’
    • ‘The aim was to raise up to £2,000 towards the cost of books, DVDs and videos for the school library.’
    • ‘A pension could have at least provided a welcome contribution toward the veteran's support.’
    • ‘Now villagers at Elvington are hoping City of York Council will make its own contribution towards the costs.’
    • ‘There are grants available towards costs incurred while developing a business idea.’
    • ‘I understand from speaking to Sylvia that in certain cases funding may be available towards the cost of these courses.’
    • ‘The grant is towards the cost of computer training courses for lone parents and disabled people.’
    • ‘Surely, if the technology is there, the government could use its windfall to give grants towards the cost.’
    • ‘These are some of your contributions towards the costs of providing residential aged care.’
    • ‘The money you pay for your daily paper goes only toward its distribution costs.’
    • ‘The employer's contribution toward healthcare has been a part of their compensation.’
    • ‘His sister, he said, also was working the course and was contributing her earnings toward the rifle.’
    • ‘The raffle raised £873 to help towards the cost of replacing the stolen items.’
    • ‘It's true that your contribution probably won't go toward a GED course or a present for mom.’
    • ‘The event raised more than £2,300 towards the cost of art and sports equipment.’
    • ‘The awards will be used toward the cost of studies at any Canadian university or college this fall.’
    • ‘These fees go toward the cost of selling the funds, which often means to the broker.’
    • ‘Well, a big piece of that is that a lot of companies are having to redeploy assets toward higher energy cost.’
    • ‘The ministry would not discuss whether it would help towards the cost of flying bereaved families to America.’
    • ‘Employers may contribute some money toward the deductible, but workers often pay all or part.’
    • ‘Parents will be able to claim towards any out-of-hours childcare costs through the working families tax credit.’
    • ‘In-Step does offer a small grant towards the cost of the stay, which should ensure no-one is out of pocket.’
    • ‘Parents will get some help towards the cost of childcare - if they earn less than £59,000.’
    as a contribution to, for, as a help to, to help, to assist, supporting, promoting, assisting
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  • predicative Going on; in progress.

    ‘is something new toward?’


Old English tōweardes (see to, -ward).