Definition of tow rope in English:

tow rope


  • another term for towline
    • ‘The tow rope slackened and dropped to the bottom and became snagged on a rock.’
    • ‘Neighbours in the German town of Schwelm, alerted by the 16-year-old's cries for help, called police who found the boy tied to the bed with a tow rope and wire.’
    • ‘He was going to tow our glider to a height of 3000 feet the norm for a beginner's flight and Paul would then release the tow rope to commence the long descent.’
    • ‘I was towing up about half an hour later after my landing and at 300 feet I got the tow rope.’
    • ‘If you come off the cart early and hit the ground, you'd like the tow rope to break so that you are not pulled along the ground anymore than necessary.’
    • ‘I explained my situation and the gentleman who answered the door grabbed his truck keys and his tow rope without hesitation and we headed back to my car.’
    • ‘An effective piece of writing has a single dominant meaning - a spine, a tow rope that pulls the reader through the churning waters of a story.’
    • ‘Salvage workers were later lowered from the helicopter onto the vessel, to which they attached a tow rope, enabling a tug to pull the boat free from the rocks and into the harbour.’
    • ‘It was not unusual to see a ‘chain’ of thoroughbred horse (from one to twenty) hitched one behind the other to a long tow rope while the leading horse always carried a rider, coming and going from the racecourse.’
    • ‘Also with this style of bridle the ring or carbineer on the tow rope is free to climb up the bridle further pulling down the nose of the glider and tucking the glider.’
    • ‘Just then a local Good Samaritan with a chunky four wheel drive and a tow rope came to our rescue and towed us out of the slime.’
    • ‘They did this here after Robin's death, by putting a weak link between two rings, hooking one ring to the pilot's tow bridle and the other to the tow rope.’
    • ‘When a colleague approached the car with a tow rope Mrs Percy drove to the side of the road allowing the other person access.’
    • ‘Besides her helmet, her close-fitting drysuit, and a long coil of emergency tow rope, she had something I had never seen in 15 years of boardsailing: a set of waterproof safety flares lashed to her waist harness.’
    • ‘The small ring on bridle would make it more difficult for the spectra to slide through the larger ring or carabineer at the end of the tow rope.’
    • ‘The Stromness lifeboat stood by while a tow rope was attached by the Banff-registered fishing boat Enterprise. The boats arrived at Scrabster harbour early on Tuesday.’
    • ‘A heavy-duty truck with tow rope succeeded where manpower and ropes failed.’
    • ‘Even during aerotow operations, it does not affect the hang glider pilot at the other end of the tow rope.’
    • ‘As the crew towed a racing car up the ramp, the tow rope snapped and the car rolled back down the ramp and into the helicopter, causing considerable damage.’
    • ‘‘The men then tied a tow rope to the machine and broke the security housing around it,’ added Mr Patel.’


tow rope

/ˈtō ˌrōp//ˈtoʊ ˌroʊp/