Definition of tow bar in US English:

tow bar


  • A bar fitted to the back of a vehicle, used in towing a trailer.

    • ‘With a jack, a couple of dollies, a tow bar, and a tractor, the jet was moved after 45 minutes.’
    • ‘My father hauled his racecar there with a single tow bar on the back of the family car.’
    • ‘You don't have to be a rocket scientist to work out that you let your competitor win the three rounds leading up to the finale and he will have so much weight to carry they'll have to fit a tow bar and dog trailer to carry it all.’
    • ‘The plan emphasized self-recovery, with tow bars and wrecker recovery as the secondary means.’
    • ‘It incorporates two bicycles, a double-decker bus seat, a supermarket trolley, a tow bar and a trailer.’
    • ‘A tow bar was added to the front of the car, a skid plate fitted underneath, the suspension raised slightly to accommodate the rough outback roads and a bike rack fitted to the rear to hold the orange safety light.’
    • ‘‘The back end has been rammed so the tow bar has been crushed underneath,’ said Karen.’
    • ‘The Army conducted extensive testing of the trailer, with a modified brake actuator mechanism and strengthened trailer chassis and tow bar.’
    • ‘The hospital is desperate for any drivers, but ideally volunteers with a 4-wheel drive vehicle or an engine over two litres with a tow bar for the trailer.’
    • ‘As I continued home I smiled and a warm feeling swept over me as I imagined how he would feel when he got home and saw the two inch hole punched though his front fender by my tow bar.’
    • ‘It is big, all right, nearly five metres long without a tow bar and more than capable of taking up two spaces outside your local mini-mart.’
    • ‘Anything with four doors and a tow bar should do the trick.’
    • ‘He couldn't go very fast because I had locked the tow bar and he had chained the front of the trailer to the back of his old Montego estate.’
    • ‘Conversely, if the break down occurs in a highly urban and volatile area, the best course of action may be to immediately hook up a tow bar.’
    • ‘Other cars swerved out of the way as the two-wheeled horror roared past them, sparks showering everywhere as the tow bar scraped against the ground.’
    • ‘One end of the chain hooks on the tow bar in the bumper and the other wraps around the shrub or tree.’
    • ‘As I got on the tractor, a shipmate stopped by and hooked up the trailer's tow bar to the tractor.’
    • ‘Even though the plaintiff did not foresee the possibility of being crushed, nevertheless in the ordinary plain common sense of this business the injury suffered by the plaintiff was due in part to the fact that he chose to ride on the tow bar.’
    • ‘All convoys should be equipped with tow straps or tow bars to quickly recover disabled vehicles.’
    • ‘My first instinct was to try and get the tow bar out of the shuttle before we were dragged into the drink.’


tow bar

/ˈtoʊ ˌbɑr//ˈtō ˌbär/