Definition of touchpoint in English:



  • 1Business
    Any point of contact between a buyer and a seller.

    • ‘How will you manage and control all consumer touchpoints?’
    • ‘You have to consider all the touchpoints inside the company that are going to be affected and that need to be integrated.’
    • ‘In the world of the Internet, and more pervasive technologies, brands aren't just delivered intact by the advertiser; instead they're created by each individual consumer as an aggregate experience across multiple touchpoints.’
    • ‘Every business really has to understand what their consumer proposition is and be able to strengthen that at every level within the company and the consumer, at every touchpoint that the consumer has.’
    • ‘Every customer touchpoint needs to be actively re-evaluated.’
  • 2Computing
    On some laptop computers, a device like a miniature joystick with a rubber tip, manipulated with a finger to move the screen pointer.

    • ‘The screen is touch-sensitive, to allow the machine to work with a stylus rather than a touchpoint or touchpad.’
  • 3A time, condition, or circumstance that is vulnerable or unstable enough to precipitate a highly unfavorable, possibly devastating outcome.

    ‘a touchpoint for world conflagration’
    • ‘And it's sort of interesting as a cultural touchpoint.’
    1. 3.1Psychology The time in a child's development that precedes an appreciable leap in physical, emotional, or cognitive growth.