Definition of touchpad in US English:



  • A computer input device in the form of a small panel containing different touch-sensitive areas.

    • ‘His favorite is a remote touch pad near the back of the boat that allows the Balls to control the stereo without having to leave the comfort of their floating water toys.’
    • ‘A controller is operable with the touch pad for receiving a signal from the touch pad in response to an operator touching the touch pad.’
    • ‘On the wall a touch pad controlling the lighting had been mounted within easy reach.’
    • ‘Provided I can reach the touch pad to move the cursor, I'll get this posted now.’
    • ‘To move your mouse cursor using a touch pad, you simply glide your finger along the touch pad's surface.’
    • ‘Four programmable launch buttons, two on each side flanking a navigational touch pad, sit below a bright 3.5-inch color display.’
    • ‘You should spend a few minutes using a laptop with a touch pad before you make up your mind, but if your thumbs tend to drift around below the space bar, you may find your mouse pointer bouncing around when you least expect it.’
    • ‘‘Nope,’ you replied, grabbing the laptop's touch pad and exiting out of your email, causing a chorus of ‘Hey’ from your friends.’
    • ‘A few more key strokes and clicks of the touch pad and further articles came forth, along with diagrams and blue prints for a truly massive structure.’
    • ‘Never touch higher up as you might not activate the touch pad.’
    • ‘Containing an LCD touch pad and infrared lens, the programmer's top housing also benefited from Phillips's design for manufacture services.’
    • ‘A circular touch pad is not a requirement for interface success; you can navigate with a rocker button or pseudo-wheel (which looks like a wheel but only rocks back and forth).’
    • ‘It is tough to describe, but by using a touch pad with 25 raised bumps, you can locate your songs and photos, thanks to menus that open on different parts of the 2-inch screen.’
    • ‘Many other types of assistive technology are available for use with children who have more severe disabilities, such as special touch pads and other devices that allow them to become actively engaged with the environment.’
    • ‘Next to it was a touch pad and an eye-retina scanner.’
    • ‘The computer opened up to reveal a screen, a keyboard, a touch pad, and a scanner.’
    • ‘The round touch pad used to scroll through song lists now sports the stop/start, fast forward, reverse and menu buttons that were placed between the screen and this wheel.’
    • ‘This guarantees that you'll make a solid hit on the touch pad, and stop the clock at the exact time you finish.’
    • ‘That idea - that a vertical touch pad might make more sense - came from just watching people at coffee shops.’
    • ‘Each system includes a large flat panel display, detachable keyboard with touch pad, and amplified speakers.’