Definition of touchless in US English:



  • Relating to or denoting technology that is operated by means of gestures rather than by touching a control or interface.

    ‘the house is activated by touchless radar sensors and voice control’
    ‘innovations in touchless technology’
    • ‘The report, released on Friday, indicates that touchless mobile technology focused on payment methods will not catch on or garner mainstream use on its own.’
    • ‘The BDT310 and BDT210 feature a touchless sensor to open and close the disc tray for smooth operation, perfect for dark rooms.’
    • ‘With a touchless model, as soon as a hand comes within two to three inches of the faucet, the flow begins automatically.’
    • ‘"The manipulation is achieved in a touchless way, like being controlled by a virtual hand," said a bioengineer at Pennsylvania State University.’
    • ‘In the next couple of years, it's likely that corporations will realize the value in investing in touchless mobile payment technology.’
    • ‘I'll await my head-mounted display and touchless interface before I applaud any of these companies for mind-blowing innovation.’
    • ‘This week, a group of researchers and surgeons out of London is piloting a project developed alongside Microsoft Research to enable touchless viewing and manipulation of images while performing vascular surgery.’
    • ‘To take some of the worry about how durable a product is, a lot of building owners and manufacturers are turning to touchless fixtures, which are sensor-operated.’
    • ‘Tamper-proof touchless technology will be used as much as possible so that water runs only when it's needed.’
    • ‘When used in conjunction with LED lighting, the Fara touchless modules are ideal for health and medical environments, where a sterile atmosphere is a key requirement.’
    • ‘The chain plans to have most of its Canadian locations equipped with the new touchless debit system this year.’
    • ‘Future mobile phones will not be handheld, but rather screenless touchless devices offering us mixed reality vision, networking our senses and brains.’
    • ‘There are a number of variables that need to be in play for the touchless transactions to work.’
    • ‘Features such as the touchless sensor, homescreen customization and Skype allow consumers to easily personalize their entertainment experience to fit their lifestyle.’