Definition of touchiness in US English:



  • See touchy

    • ‘You will appreciate our touchiness at being blamed for something which is being done in an extremely good cause, but which is outside our direct control and in which our express role has been to assist.’
    • ‘Ken, I'm continually amazed at your touchiness on this issue.’
    • ‘Recognizing the touchiness of sovereign states to outside criticism, there is little more that the applicant's country can do other than send gentle reminders when delays occur.’
    • ‘Or is it just organised touchiness, a non-issue mirrored and magnified as a great moral discourse signifying nothing?’
    • ‘There is good reason for the touchiness: in the First Crusade in 1099 Jerusalem was brutally captured and in the fighting the Christian soldiers of the western alliance killed 70,000 men, women and children.’
    sensitivity, oversensitivity, hypersensitivity
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