Definition of touchhole in US English:



  • A small hole in early firearms through which the charge is ignited.

    • ‘I use a 1/16 inch drill for my touch holes when a simple coned hole is made in the barrel.’
    • ‘If we do our part to keep the breech clean and the touch hole clear, the ignition is almost instantaneous.’
    • ‘This is to support the neck during shipment and to facilitate ignition by means of touch holes in the upper deflector plate.’
    • ‘After taking the shot, open the frizzen, place the pricker in the touch hole and close the frizzen.’
    • ‘The sparks should flash up into the touch hole, the powder shouldn't have to burn down to it.’
    • ‘It looks like the touch holes were plugged from the inside and then a steel cup was driven in to the bottom of the bore so you can't knock it out.’
    • ‘The glowing slowmatch was touched to the powder in the touch hole which in turn ignited the powder charge in the barrel and fired the gun.’
    • ‘And they throw concrete down the barrels and weld the touch holes shut lest the frat boys from Langdon St. come down to Camp Randall and set off a few charges…’
    • ‘Poor touch hole alignment or excessively corroded touch holes are also sometimes to blame.’
    • ‘When loading for hunting, place a touchhole pick fully into the touch hole.’
    • ‘The giveaways are the touch hole, the patina, and the crude crown on the one on the left.’
    • ‘You can see the cannoneers loading the touch holes from a horn.’
    • ‘The phrase ‘to spike a cannon’ meant to disable it by driving a tapered wrought iron plug, or spike, down the touch hole with a hammer until it was level and firmly embedded.’
    • ‘Of course, touch holes aren't very efficient, but they aren't really that dangerous so long as you watch what you are doing.’
    • ‘We counter sunk our touch holes or used the ones that are made that way.’
    • ‘Having ensured the area is safe the gun captain will advance to the gun and clear the touch hole with a vent key.’
    • ‘If the touch holes were tapered in the original casting, surely trying to blast them from above would only tighten them further?’
    • ‘After this the touch hole would drilled out with a drilling machine.’
    • ‘You can observe that the touch holes are even with the top of the pan… and you should also be made aware that the priming powder should not cover this hole.’
    • ‘Some shooters try to improve the ignition of their rifles by enlarging touch holes with a small drill, which is a bad idea.’