Definition of touch football in US English:

touch football


  • A form of football in which a ball carrier is downed by touching instead of tackling.

    • ‘In sweltering humidity and 30 degree heat, a series of sports events were played throughout the day, including netball, soccer, softball, touch football, cricket and basketball.’
    • ‘So we ended up eventually playing a great deal of touch football and cricket, and a number of other different sports, virtually every afternoon.’
    • ‘The seminar is designed to benefit coaches of all levels who are involved with eld sports such as netball, soccer, rugby union, league, touch football, softball, hockey etc.’
    • ‘Originally it was used with a ball made out of possum skin, stuffed with leaves or rocks, and for a game like this that you'd play in a school you could use something like an Australian Rules football, touch football, or a soccer ball.’
    • ‘Whether it's calling premature Cabinet meetings or playing a symbolic game of family touch football in Washington, it's turning out to be a contest of who can look presidential.’
    • ‘Forget about touch football or softball; it's hard enough for these kids to complete tosses standing in little, fenced-in patches of scraggly grass.’
    • ‘Border collies are great at soccer, frisbee, softball, tetherball, touch football, and basketball.’
    • ‘Once a mad sportsman himself, these days touch football and tennis have been replaced by supporting his local football team, the Gold Coast Breakers, where his daughter is the ball girl.’
    • ‘When I was younger I used to play touch football, rugby league and I was good at athletics too.’
    • ‘‘In addition to the Shield events, we also held a game of mixed touch football to wind-up the carnival,’ he said.’
    • ‘Hunting is actually one of the safer sports going, with far fewer injuries each year than, say, touch football, Frisbee football, or even your unit's physical fitness program.’
    • ‘One afternoon in 1969, the young cable splicer and his buddies took a break for a game of touch football at Ferry Point Park in the Bronx.’
    • ‘The competing nations will vie to win handball, volleyball, six-a-side soccer, touch football and biathlon.’
    • ‘So slowly Ella dawdled outside where she found Maddie sitting on the bench of a picnic table staring at a group of boys who were playing a game of touch football in the school yard.’
    • ‘The service progressed smoothly, and when it was over, Phil had invited the two men for a game of touch football with a couple of other guys that Friday.’
    • ‘Take a walk in any park and watch youngsters playing touch football, softball, or even tennis.’
    • ‘The photogenic students and faculty being together as one big happy family, generally raising money for ‘missions’ or playing a friendly game of touch football.’
    • ‘The News Online story on the same event also notes that some beachside local councils ban volleyball, cricket, touch football and frisbee-throwing on the beach!’
    • ‘In fact, right after the meal is a superb time to shoo everyone outside for a game of touch football or a leisurely stroll through the neighborhood.’
    • ‘Games such as doubles tennis or two-on-two basketball are great for smaller groups, while touch football, softball and volleyball are fun family activities that can accommodate a larger group.’


touch football

/təCH ˈfo͝otˌbôl//tətʃ ˈfʊtˌbɔl/